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Doll Up your T-shirt and Tote Bag with Chalk Markers

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Chalk of The Town

I have always wanted some cool shirts that I could personalize so I can sport a cool saying, give a shout out to a group I was in, greet someone for their birthday, etc. So I had to hire someone to paint me a shirt. However, doing that was expensive and I could only use those t-shirts just once or if I wore them again it just became a pajama shirt. I felt guilty wasting money over and over. When I discovered Chalk of the Town, it was a total game changer for me.

T-Shirts and Tote Bags

Chalk of the Town produces t-shirts and tote bags that have a chalkboard surface area ironed onto them. The chalkboard surface is meant to be used with chalk markers. With each t-shirt or tote bag, is included a set of chalk markers that allow you to express yourself! You would push down on the marker to allow the liquid to start running through to the tip. Then you are ready to decorate your t-shirt or tote bag anyway you like.


Chalk of the Town has one hundred percent cotton t-shirts. The sizes range from youth, adult, and ladies sizes. You have the option of a blue t-shirt with a square bubble chalkboard surface area ironed onto it. You could also have a pink t-shirt with a heart shaped chalkboard surface area. Either one you choose, both are absolutely adorable. I had the pleasant experience to decorate a blue t-shirt and the artwork really pops out! It is so fun to make images on the t-shirts and doodle. Each t-shirt also comes with a fun stencil with basic shapes on it to make it easier to trace a fun image or pattern. Also, with each t-shirt and tote bag comes a white rag to help you erase your artwork when you need to.

Basic How To's

The steps are easy for cleaning your chalkboard surface area. Take the white cloth and wet it generously with water. Rub the cloth onto the chalkboard surface area until all the artwork is completely erased. It is so fun and so easy to create so many designs for any occasion. My favorite aspect of the Chalk of the Town items are that they are smudge proof. It makes me feel so much better to know that I won’t have to worry about my artwork melting on a hot day or if I move too much in my t-shirt it would get erased. My second most favorite aspect is that making art is so fun and is truly a unique personalized way of showcasing your own talent.

Always allow the ink to dry completely before touching it. And for best results, always use water based chalk markers. You can always get an extra set of chalk markers with six different colors from Chalk of the Town.

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