Cosmolle fall activewear blends sport with fashion

There’s no reason why we shouldn’t stop working out or simply wearing activewear if we feel like it. We should be working out not only during hotter seasons like summer and spring but also, we should do it during winter and fall. Most people use the colder seasons to get what can be called the summer body. 

But fall is the season that transitions from summer to winter. So, while everything turns orange and cozier, you still can choose to live this season in the most comfortable way, wearing your favorite activewear sets from Cosmolle.

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This brand has become our favorite brand to get activewear, as their prices are amazing, usually have great sales, and the most important thing is that their pieces are stylish and comfortable and will fit many different sizes, as they are a brand that supports body positivity and offers inclusive sizes too. 

Why is Cosmolle our favorite activewear brand?

They are a sustainable and eco-friendly brand that focuses on creating and offering products that are manufactured following sustainable processes that generate less waste and are more energy efficient but that also use materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable too. 

They offer a wide range of pieces that are not only functional and thought to be worn all year long, but also, the fabric ends up feeling extremely soft and usually will feel like a second skin. They are really extremely comfortable and will allow you to move freely, no matter if you are wearing these pieces to the gym to work out at home or to just lounge there or run errands. 

They really make a huge effort and emphasize being sustainable taking care of their workers, giving back to their community, and believing in fair trade too. And of course, you and your comfort will be the main focus. This is why, not only are their activewear pieces comfortable but so is their intimate range too. 

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Did you know that they actually started as an intimate brand? They offered and still do it, a nice range of the most comfortable seamless and wireless bras and underwear. Make sure you check them out if you want to add more comfort to your life. 

Do they offer pieces that are perfect for fall?

Yes, they do! As we mentioned before, they offer a wide range of pieces that are functional and while they might have pieces like shorts and some tops that will probably be better worn during summer or spring, there are other pieces, like their long sleeve legging set, that will keep you warm when it gets colder but also allowing you to move around freely. 

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Another good way that their pieces can be worn during this season without having to do much effort, is layering. For example, if you get a sleeveless top or short-sleeved one, you can layer the pieces with a nice jacket, for example. 

But, yes, Cosmolle does offer pieces that have longer sleeves and that will do a great job keeping you cozy while you work out or simply just run errands or relax. 

How do they blend sports with fashion?

While activewear was created to be worn to practice any sports or while working out, social media has brought and is showing us that activewear has become the uniform for those who have things to get done, but don’t want to look overdressed and basically just want to be comfortable to achieve them. 

But, how does Cosmolle end up blending fashion and sports? Well, the reason behind it is that they follow the fashion trends, and when they saw that many women who look for comfort have started wearing activewear to lounge or run errands outside the gym. This is the reason why they decided to launch their activewear range and focus on it.

Their pieces also follow many style trends and use colors that are also trending in the fashion industry. You will notice when you start browsing through their website, that they offer pieces and styles that many celebrities and influencers love wearing and that they know normal people will be influenced by them and buy similar clothes. 

What Cosmolle pieces are our favorite to wear during fall? 

Cosmolle offers a wide range of activewear, and as we have mentioned before, they have some pieces that are better worn during some specific seasons, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them all year long. 

We have selected a few of our favorite pieces that we believe are the best options to wear during fall. But always remember that you can layer these pieces, with many others you might have in your closet, if you want the whole outfit to look more stylish or if you simply want to be warmer and cozier. 

The first piece we want to mention is the Seamless Zip-Up Sports Top. This piece has a seamless compression fabric that has a unique structure and is extremely soft. It is also cropped and fitted and has a full zip closure in the front. A nice example of wearing it is to wear it on its own or over your favorite tank top. 

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For a secure and comfortable fit, it offers enhanced chest support. It uses 4-way stretch fabric that was designed with your comfort in mind. It will shape your body as you move and provide comfort and support. Uses recycled materials and is fair trade certified.

Their Premium Seamless Full-Length Bodysuit is also our last recommendation of activewear to wear during the fall. This piece is for sure a great addition and a perfect fit for the needs of your closet. Thanks to its 4-way stretch fabric you'll get maximum freedom of movement and will make you feel and look your best. When it comes to workouts, this piece is suitable for workouts that range between low and mid-intensity. 

It doesn’t have a front seam and adjustable cross-back straps. Includes a built-in shelf bra that also has cups that are removable. The fabric is a buttery soft knit one and it feels weightless, almost. Besides it has a scrunch seam in the back that will enhance your curves and also a contouring seam that controls the tummy area. And the material offers a squat-proof coverage as it is stretchy and thick.

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