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Your Name In Gold

Every woman loves Jewelry, some love it more them others. If you were to ask a woman what are the three things, you like the most I am sure it would be jewelry, purses, and shoes. Are you looking to surprise a loved one for a special reason with something unique?  If you want to purchase delicate, breathtaking jewelry, this is the post for you!


Allow your name to sparkle with a one-of-a-kind name necklace personalized with your unique name. Your name is a representation of you so why not wear it proudly? Choose a font you love, and create a custom nameplate necklace just as special as you!  The name on the necklace is made in bold with a heart on the letters. This makes it quite an eye-catching piece of jewelry.

I love that I am able to have my name on a necklace, it goes with my ring and bracelet I got, it's pretty and delicate the way I love my jewelry. I haven't had my name on anything like this in a long time, makes me feel special.

FARUZO has all your needs and then some, for me when it comes to picking out the product you want to make sure that its going to last long. With them they prioritize quality over quantity, making the products they make expertly crafted,

THey choose the best materials so that they can make the perfect pieces for us to enjoy. Everyone who works in making their pieces are a master in what they do, they create personalized jewelry at prices we all can afford,

They have a goal to make quality customized and unique jewelry available to everyone. They love what they do and that makes the customer love the pieces as well, I know I love my name and wear it all the time and constantly get compliments.

For your jewelry needs head over and see why I love it as much.



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