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Games For Summer Boredom

Are Your Kids Suffering From Summer Boredom?  Here's A Way To Keep Them Busy With Games That Even Parents Will Love

It's getting closer to the school year starting, but we still have a little ways to go.  Unfortunately, that means that the kids are so bored they don't even know what to do with themselves.  Children's boredom usually falls on the parents, am I right?  I can hear it right now, “Mom, I'm bored”.  So, what's a parent to do?  Well, there is this awesome free online gaming site for kids called Plays.org.  It's filled with lots of child appropriate games such as Looney Tunes Veggie Patch, Looney Tunes Acme Rocket Dash, Adventure Time Fiona Fights: Flying Battle Video Game, and many more.  As you can see, they're perfectly tailored for kids and not only will they enjoy playing, but they might just learn something along the way.

Educational Boredom Busters

The games on this site are vibrant and graphically nice too.  The kids won't realize that they're not playing on their hand held systems.  The best thing about the games?  Well, in my opinion, it's the learning they will be doing.  For example, when playing the veggie patch game the kids will only be able to grow their crops when they water them.  After doing this they'll need to pick the carrots, etc.  As you can imagine, it goes on from there.  Not only will they learn good life lessons, but they'll also be improving dexterity and problem solving.  What else could a parent ask for?

It's Free!

So, what more could parents ask for?  Well, it's completely free.  No longer will you need to pay those subscription fees or let them “pay to play” like on some apps.  These cool games are fun, educational, and entertaining.  You can't really put a price on a child's education and happiness, but you won't have to pay for it on Plays.org!

Oh, as if the games being free isn't enough, you'll be excited to know that they're always updating games and making new ones.  If you haven't played in a week make sure you go on again because the “newest” games may be brand new!  They continue to better themselves by adding to the list, which is something I really enjoy.  If you like playing games then get involved with the kids.  Sit down with them and play together.  This is a great bonding activity you can do with your kids and/or grandkids.  I know my granddaughters loved this site.

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