Find out why ID Tags are Essential for Pets.

If your pet runs away or goes missing, you will do everything to get them back. Do you see why pet tags for your best friend are essential? A pet ID tag is a reliable way to locate a missing pet. The pet ID tag contains the owner’s contact information hence anyone who finds your pet will be able to reach you.

Pet tags.

A pet tag will prevent your pet from being categorized as a stray. If you decide to use a microchip without a pet tag, a stranger will assume the pet has no owner. 

Information on the pet tags.

  1. Pet name.

The ID tag should have the name of the pet engraved. It will help the stranger who finds your pet to call it by its name. Referring to the pet by name will make it docile and hence, easy for the stranger to read the other details on the tag.

  1. Contact information.

It will be helpful if the stranger that finds your dog wants to reach you. You should state a phone number that you frequently use. 

  1. Address.

It is controversial whether to leave your home address on the pet tag. It is because malicious strangers may use this information to attack your home. Include if your dog has a microchip and list your city of residence. 

  1. Special needs.

Include the special medical needs of your pet in the ID tag. It will enable the stranger to know the specific treatment and medicine your pet requires.

Things to consider when getting pet ID tags.

  1. Material.

Depending on the material used, the pet tag may be durable or not. You can choose from the following materials which include:

  • Stainless steel.

If your pet is highly active, get them a stainless steel pet tag. It is recommended for pets that frequently break and destroy things without much effort.

  • Brass.

It is very durable. This tag will withstand the puppy’s cuddling session, roughhousing, and playtime. However, the shapes and colors of these tags are limited.

  • Aluminum.

This material is lightweight and versatile. However, it is less durable compared to stainless steel and brass.

  • Plastic.

It can withstand abuse from active pets and it is lightweight. It is easy to read information engraved in plastic ID tags. However, this tag easily cracks or breaks. 

  1. Decorations.

You can decorate the pet tags with precious stones or enamel.

  1. Shapes.

You can customize the tags according to your preferred shape. You can make one with a dog face or use basic shapes like oval, rectangle, or square.

  1. Quality.

If you buy a poor-quality tag it will get lost, fall off, or get easily damaged. Get a high-quality tag that will initially cost more but will be worth it in the long run.

  1. Customization.

A Pet tag is essential for your pet’s safety. Find out the space available on the pet tag and if it can be customized. You should be able to engrave the pet's full name and any other important information on the pet tag.


A pet tag is essential if you want to easily find your pet when they run away or gets lost. It should contain vital information like a pet name, special need, address, and owner’s contact information. Materials used to make pet tags include brass, stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum. Consider material, decoration, shapes, quality, and customization when selecting a pet tag. 

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