Five Potential Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity usually comes with a lot of pain and discomfort. If you are someone living with a sensitive tooth, you will be familiar with the painful sting that comes with consuming hot or cold food. Whether it is a hot drink, a cold bottle of soda, or a bite of ice cream, that uncomfortable zing is always the same. Most people dealing with tooth sensitivity, are not aware of the time when it started or the cause for that matter. This article will highlight five potential causes of tooth sensitivity. 


Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

The enamel serves as a protective layer for the teeth, protecting the inner layers which are much softer. When the enamel of the teeth is worn down, it is very common for tooth sensitivity to set it. Below are five potential causes of tooth sensitivity. 


  • Brushing Tooth Hard: A lot of individuals make the mistake of thinking that brushing their teeth hard, is a way to maintain good dental health. The truth is that brushing your teeth hard comes with some risks which include tooth sensitivity. Brushing your teeth with a hard brush or with aggressive motions usually wears down the enamel leaving the inner layers exposed. In the same vein, it can cause gum recession, which is another cause of tooth sensitivity.


  • Acidic Foods and Mouthwash: Acidic foods and drinks have a negative effect on your dental health, as they cause tooth sensitivity. Acidic foods and drinks include citrus fruits, soda, candy, tomato sauce, and refined carbohydrates. These food items wear down the protective layer of your teeth, leaving them vulnerable and sensitive. In the same way, acidic mouthwash can wear down the tooth enamel. For a lot of individuals, there is a belief that using an acidic mouthwash makes the teeth whiter and cleaner. While this might be true, mouthwashes usually contain harmful substances such as alcohol and other chemicals. These substances wear down the enamel and make the teeth sensitive.
  • Teeth Grinding: If you are fond of grinding your teeth, then there is a high tendency that you might suffer from teeth sensitivity. Clenching or grinding your teeth regularly wears down the tooth enamel leaving your teeth unprotected and vulnerable. 


  • Whitening Products: A set of white teeth are nice to see, and everybody wants them. However, when you use teeth whitening products regularly, there is a high tendency that you will suffer from tooth sensitivity. This is because most of these whitening products contain chemicals that wear down the tooth enamel over time. 


  • Gum Disease and Cracked Teeth: Gum diseases could also be a cause of tooth sensitivity. These diseases typically cause gum recession and in some cases, inflammation. This exposes the roots of your teeth resulting in tooth sensitivity. A cracked tooth can cause tooth sensitivity in the sense that, it is susceptible to bacterial infection, which affects the tooth dentin resulting in insensitivity.



Suffering from tooth sensitivity is a painful condition. Whether the sensitivity is caused by aggressive brushing, acidic foods, teeth grinding, whitening products or gu, disease, a visit to the dentist in Narre Warren is very important.

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