Get Your Cannabis Products from a Reputed Seller

Many people face a dilemma when choosing a dispensary store or a delivery service for meeting their cannabis needs. Both ordering platforms have their pros and cons, and it depends on your needs, which you will more comfortably get your order.

Are You Receiving Quality or Fake Products?

If you order from an unreputable seller, you might receive fake or counterfeit products. Such products can have fewer effects than the original ones, in addition to the side effects they might emit. Therefore, analyzing the credentials of the online seller is crucial to eliminate such a mistake. You can choose marijuana delivered by Skunk's, which is high-quality, original, and the best in the market

While online sellers offer many benefits, such as discounts and home delivery, a cannabis dispensary also possesses several unique selling proposition elements. Below are a few pros and cons of going to the cannabis dispensary to buy your products. 

Pros of Cannabis Stores

Many people prefer shopping in person to ordering online. Browsing through a selection of top-shelf buds is a unique experience. Whether you buy the high-end products or not, you have the right to browse through the whole collection that the dispensary offers.

First-Time Discounts

As a token of appreciation, a store always offers their first-time customers a sizable discount. Apart from deals, you might also get gift cards and vouchers for your next purchase. 

The Daily Deals

Many stores offer weekly or daily promotional deals. Such deals are mostly on overstock items, offering clearance sales, sales on new things, or the most-sold products. Follow your cannabis mart or dispensary on social media platforms, and you will readily have access to all their regular updates, including offers, discount codes, and cannabis news. 

Subject Matter Experts

Most cannabis dedicated stores have subject matter experts, commonly called a budtender, to help you with all your needs. These informative people provide on the spot advice to people in the store who are looking for ideal items. 

Large Product Selection

Dispensaries have hundreds of products for sale. Some delivery services might offer few brands; dispensaries mostly have all premium products. 

Less Wait Time

When you visit a cannabis store, the wait time is almost nil, except the time you take to wait in the queue to the billing station. However, you are sure to stay on your planned schedule than the online delivery process. 

Cons of Offline Weed Stores

It is a real treat to go to the local cannabis store on the right day. However, not all days are the same and leaving the house to pick up some weed may not worth it. 

Price Markups

Retailers have their product prices and are mostly less concerned regarding the other competitors online or offline. The prices might occur as five percent or more than the online sellers. Since most online sellers offer discounts, going to the dispensaries might make you shell extra money, whereas online delivery might save you some. 


If the store is far from your home, it might hinder your routine and have you stuck in traffic, queues, and bad weather. 

Whether you choose an online or offline mode, ensure you choose a reputed seller or a dispensary. Go for high-end products and compare the prices and quality to provide the best deal to fulfill your needs.

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