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Grain-free Cereal Can Be Fun & Yummy (& Healthy, Of Course)!

I have tried to eat less grains for health reasons, and I have to tell you it isn't always fun (especially when I love cereal and cookies).  So, when I find a grain-free food that is yummy, I'm super excited, especially if it tastes like grains but it really isn't grains. And that is where Three Wishes comes in!
Three Wishes is a company started by the Wishingrads, AKA the Three Wishes. They wanted to create a line of cereals that is “made from nutrient dense ingredients, not commodity grains like wheat, rice, corn, and oats. The best part? It still tastes incredible without being loaded with sugar, and you can pack in the protein without cracking an egg” (taken from the Three Wishes website).
Three Wishes cereals come in the following flavors:

  • Cinnamon,
  • Honey,
  • Unsweetened,
  • Cocoa,
  • Frosty, and
  • Fruity.

The Many Benefits of Three Wishes Cereals

Their cereals are vegan (even the honey) and the “natural flavors (in the cereals) are made of natural essences and oils” (taken from website). Three Wishes cereals are also free of dairy and soy. They are Kosher and free of GMOs and gluten.
What I really love about these cereals is their ingredients lists: they are super short and everything is recognizable (no scary, unknown ingredients). These cereals also have more protein and less sugar than many similarly-flavored cereals. So, I think you get the gist: these cereals have a lot to offer! And, best thing of all is that they come in several fun flavors—something for everyone! My personal favorite is the Fruity Three Wishes cereal.Cereal

My Family's Opinion

I gave my children some Three Wishes Cereal to try and my son enjoyed snacking on it in dry form (without milk). And, my daughter, who is usually super picky about food, said she wants Fruity Three Wishes for breakfast, so that's a score for me (because it's easy to make this cereal for breakfast and because I know she's eating a healthier breakfast) and it's a score for her because she's eating a healthy breakfast to help her start off her day on the right foot!

Where To Find Three Wishes Cereal

Where can you buy your Three Wishes Cereal? You can visit their website's Store Locator here to find a store near you that offers Three Wishes. You can also purchase their cereals on Amazon. So, give Three Wishes a try! It's a cereal that you can feel good about serving to you and your family!

Connect with The Three Wishes: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Three Wishes Cereal—a grain-free cereal that may surprise you (in a good way)! 

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