Guide to Shopkins Toys: What They Are and How To Collect Them



Shopkins are the newest trend in the world of collectible toys. What exactly are shopkins? They are small, colorful figurines that have their names and personalities. The figures come in blind bags, which means you never know what figure is inside until you open it up. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Shopkins, including how to collect them and more.

What are shopkins?

The shopkins are small figurines that come in blind bags. There are over 100 different Shopkins figures to collect, each with its name and personality.

How can one collect shopkins?

There are a few different ways to collect Shopkins.

-The most popular way is by purchasing blind bags. 

  -Another option is through monthly subscription boxes, which ship new figurines directly to your door every month! These range between $20-$35+per box but each box guarantees that there will be at least one rare or exclusive item included with it. 

Why do kids like shopkins toys?

  1. Shopkins are colorful and cute.

The Shopkins figurines have a variety of bright colors that make them attractive to kids, especially younger children who enjoy collecting different items with vibrant hues.

  1. Kids love opening up the blind bags to see what figure is inside

One of the most exciting things about Shopkins is that you never know which figurine will be in each bag. Kids enjoy this aspect because it adds a bit of mystery and excitement to their collecting process.

  1. Shopkins figures are small and easy to carry

Aside from their bright colors, another aspect that makes Shopkins so popular with children is the size of each figure. They're extremely lightweight, which means kids can easily take them anywhere they go without needing a backpack or other storage container.

  1. Shopkins are affordable

Kids can save up their allowance money or birthday money to purchase blind bags. Parents also enjoy the low price point of Shopkins because it's not too expensive, nor is it so cheap that kids will want to buy them all.

  1. Shopkins are extremely collectible

Kids enjoy collecting items, and Shopkins happen to be one of the most popular things to collect. They’re constantly releasing new figurines throughout different seasons or holidays, which means there's always something for kids to look forward to spending their money on.

  1. Shopkins have their personalities

Each Shopkin figurine comes with a unique name and personality. Kids enjoy using their creativity to create backstories for the different shop figures, which adds an element of fun into collecting them.

  1. Shopkins are also used in popular games

Kids enjoy using their figurines to play different types of Shopkin themed games. There's a huge variety of separate board, card, and online-based options that kids can use when playing with other children.

  1. Shopkins are extremely versatile

Aside from being used for games, Shopkin figurines can also be incorporated into other activities such as arts and crafts. It means that kids can use their figures to create different types of projects at home or in school, which adds an element of creativity into the collecting process.   

  1. Shopkins are appealing to both boys and girls

Both genders can enjoy Shopkins because the figurines themselves feature a wide variety of different types of characters. It means that each child has a chance at finding something they'll like regardless of their interests.

  1. Shopkins are available in most stores

A huge benefit of Shopkins is that they're sold at various retail locations all over the world. It means that kids can easily find shops to purchase them from or even use their allowance money when shopping with friends and family members.

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