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How To Cool Your Home This Summer

How To Cool Your Home This Summer

For some people, summer means late bonfire nights and pool galore. For others, however, summer isn’t always fun in the sun. Those warmer days are enough to put anyone in a bad mood, and sometimes cooling off indoors is the only option. So you’ll turn on your air conditioning and call it a day—until you look at next quarter’s energy bill. The good news is, you’re in luck! Here’s how to cool your home this summer and keep yourself, your home, and your pocket happy.

Close Your Blinds

Opening the blinds invites in light, and with light comes heat. Keeping your blinds and curtains closed shields rooms from sunlight, which can quickly heat a home.

Close Doors

Closing doors to unused rooms centralizes cool air where it’s needed. During the evening, you can reopen all the room doors to promote natural airflow throughout your home.

Open Windows

What better way to naturally cool your abode than to open up your space! Opening windows is a cost-effective way to bring down the heat and even air out the home from odors that arise from humidity.

Change the Light Bulbs

Switching your light fixtures for energy-saving alternatives can keep rooms cooler and save on costs. Incandescent bulbs consume a good amount of energy and exude heat, which can make an area feel hotter than it is.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

You can use a dehumidifier to cool an area, as it works to get rid of moisture lingering in the air, which might overwhelm a home. A dehumidifier has multiple benefits in the summer: they’re cost effective, and they promote better efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Check Your Ceiling Fans

Keep in mind that the rotation of your ceiling fan has an effect. In the summer, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to push cooler air down, while rotating clockwise during the winter pulls air upward. A simple check of the settings can make all the difference to increase airflow.

So bring on the heat! If you don’t fancy warm weather, knowing how to cool your home this summer can keep you refreshed and your energy usage low. Your home will thank you!

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