Tips for Preparing Your Home for Holiday House Guests

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Holiday House Guests

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—until your house guests are cranky and uncomfortable, and you can’t wait for it all to be over. Don’t end up with a disappointing holiday season this year. If you are expecting house guests, read on as we discuss some tips for preparing your home for holiday house guests. With some planning and extra little touches, your guests will be impressed, and you’ll be happy to invite them back again next year.

Plan Your Meals

No matter how much guests insist they only need a place to stay, the reality is that they also need to eat. Rather than stress about it, devise a plan to ensure the meals are fast and easy for you and your guests. Use the following tips to keep your guests and your family well-fed while you’re all under one roof.

  • Make a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the days the guests will be there.
  • Shop for what you need before they arrive.
  • Cook ahead as much as possible. Meals such as soups and chili are easy to freeze and warm up when needed.
  • Post the menu somewhere so that everyone can see it and not wonder what is for dinner.

It’s tempting to want to impress your guests; however, what will impress them the most is how relaxed you are while you manage everything.

Clear the Entryway

The extra company means extra shoes, coats, and other items. Remove anything from the entryway that you can, and ensure you have a suitable rug where everyone can leave their shoes. Also, a hall tree for coats is essential for guests in the winter.

Sleeping Areas

Sometimes, this is the most difficult part—where will everyone sleep? Remember that it is only temporary, and not everyone needs an actual bed. Blankets are very versatile, and children are typically happy to pile them up on the floor and go to sleep. Get creative with sleeping bags, foam padding, and couches. Give the oldest people the beds, and then go from there. What matters most is having it all set before your guests arrive.

Stock the Bathroom

Whether you all share a bathroom or have a guest bathroom, stock the space with your guests’ needs. Baskets full of shampoo, soaps, lotions, and other toiletries let your guests know that you are glad they are there.

Have all the towels and washcloths clean and ready to go, and ensure guests know where to find them.

A Coffee and Snack Station

You can tell your guests where to find food and drinks, but extra touches, such as a coffee and snack station, tell them you have been planning for their stay. Keep a coffee maker and supplies available using a side table, breakfast bar, or any table. Here are a few more fun items to add to the station that everyone can enjoy:

  • Crackers
  • Candy
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Drink boxes and soda
  • Chips and nuts
  • Cookies

As you prepare your home for holiday house guests, remember that they may feel bad for invading your space. It’s very important to let them know you are happy they are there!

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