How to Kill and Prevent Ticks in Your Lawn

Ticks are annoying arachnids that suck blood from animals and human beings. Tick adults and nymphs have eight legs, while tick larvae are eight-legged arachnids. They also multiply very quickly, making their control very difficult.

Ticks can be yellow, reddish-brown, black, brown, or greyish-white in colour.  Regardless of their life-cycle stages, ticks can bite into an animal's and human's skin. Ticks can cause many diseases, including Lyme diseases, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, Powassan virus disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Tips for Preventing and Killing Ticks in Your Lawn

There are many effective tips that you can use to get rid of ticks from your lawn. These tips include:

Clearing Out Their Habitat

The perfect condition for the survival of ticks is the moist and shady areas in your lawn. To effectively prevent ticks from your lawn, you have to destroy all these tick-suitable habitats. By clearing out these areas, you expose the ticks to the sun and dry conditions, which eventually kills them. Once clear, you may wish to look at spraying the area with the best natural tick repellent for yard and garden areas, as these products are designed to help repel ticks from occupying a treated area.

By placing your compost piles away from outdoor decks, play areas, and other outdoor living spaces, you can prevent ticks in your lawn, where they feed on pets and humans. Starving them will lead to death.

You should locate sandboxes, swing sets, and other gathering or playing places for your family way from wooded areas to control ticks effectively. Besides, you can place a wide patch of gravel or chips that act as a barrier that prevents ticks from entering your lawn from the woods.  Pest Control Newark Ohio is one of the best there are out there, they take care of all your pest issues, 

Cleaning Debris

By avoiding the piling up of leaves and brush, and the building up of grass in your lawn, you can effectively prevent ticks in your lawn. Getting rid of this debris destroys the perfect habitat for ticks to hide. It is crucial to regularly mow your grass to prevent pests from hiding in it.

Ensure You Check all Places where Ticks Can Hide

Another excellent way to prevent the infestation of ticks in your lawn is by thoroughly checking ticks in the areas they are fond of hiding. These areas include the exterior walls of outbuildings like sheds, retaining wall contractors, fences, siding, wood, home fencing, and concrete.

If you find ticks or tick eggs, you should immediately restrict humans' and pets' movement into the lawn till you eradicate the ticks to prevent their entry into your house. After this, apply tick control techniques till you are confident that there are no ticks.

Care for Your Pets

Ticks are notorious for attacking home pets, making them suffer from tick-borne diseases and tick bites. There are high chances that your pets will carry ticks from the lawn into your house, especially if you have a tick-infested lawn.

One excellent way to prevent ticks from biting your dogs and cats is using a tick collar. You should also spray them regularly to kill any ticks attached to their skin under the fur. It is important to consult your veterinarian before choosing a certain pest-control product to ensure it is not harmful to your pets.

Grow Plants That Will Not Attract Deer to Your Lawn

Ticks are mostly introduced into your loan by wild animals. For example, if a deer enters your lawn, there are high chances that it will drop ticks. These ticks will multiply rapidly, and your lawn will be tick-infested in no time.

For this reason, you should devise ways to prevent wild animals from entering your lawn. A perfect way to do this is by growing plants that do not attract animals. You can also install a physical barrier such as a fence.

Why is it Important to Control Ticks?

Since no region is free from the threat of ticks, it is crucial to control them. Ticks can also transmit possibly-fatal diseases such as Lyme disease, Powassan virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, and tick-induced paralysis, among others. Tick bites are very painful, itchy, and irritable. They multiply very quickly and can be quite challenging to get rid of

Call the Pros

Severe tick problems require help from qualified tick-control professionals. Ticks extermination and control companies have highly-qualified professionals who use superior and different techniques that will ultimately kill any ticks present in your lawn. Always hire a local tick-control professional for the best tick yard treatment services.

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