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The kitchen is not just a place where you prepare food and leave; it is an essential part of your building or home because it is the center of you and your family's day-to-day living. Your day most likely begins with a cup of coffee, paired with a balanced breakfast to get you on through the day. You deserve to start in a tranquil environment every day, so your kitchen design can contribute to your comfort while you chow down to your favorite meal.   


In contrast, commercial kitchens focus on food preparation, while residential kitchens incorporate comfortability and the aesthetics of your house. The kitchen will represent what environment you want to have when preparing a particular meal. Because of this, different trends in kitchen design have to match the owner's preference. Here are some of these trends that stood out: 


Colored Cabinets  


All white kitchen styles are out; colored cabinets are in! Whether custom cabinetry or designing an entire living space, neutral tones paired with solid colors, like rich reds, deep greens, and elegant blues, will continue to have opted for many homeowners. To add an accent to your kitchen, you can try painting your cabinets with different bold colors that complement your kitchen's various pieces of furniture. According to experts, this allows homeowners to keep most of their space relaxed and calm while simultaneously introducing a bold color element for a dash of interest.  


Textured Materials  


If you don't want to incorporate bold colors into your kitchen, you can always try experimenting with texture. Some kitchen design experts incorporate different wood tones like oak in kitchens and less hardware. Adding flush gasketed access panels can also be integrated into your kitchen so that your critical electrical wires or plumbing in the kitchen can easily be accessed and, at the same time, blend seamlessly with the design aesthetics of your kitchen. In addition, new stones, such as quartzite and travertine, are also trending in recent times. Incorporating different materials with unique textures gives your kitchen a more natural and earthy vibe.   




A strategically-placed tile can instantly boost your kitchen's aesthetic. Tile has served many practical purposes for years. It is convenient for kitchen owners because it is easy to clean, and it can also protect your walls from splashes and spills. Experts state that tiles can be a bold addition to your window jams. With so many colors, shapes, and styles, establishments and homeowners can undoubtedly opt for this style with an added personalized flair.   


Fresh Ovens  


You might consider updating one of your most prized appliances, your oven range. This technique embodies the modern kitchen aesthetic. Not only that, it can act as an electric option to the typical gas ranges. This cooking method is considered a safer option because it can help lessen air pollution. Unfortunately, upgrading your oven range might be expensive, especially if your eyes are set on a more induction style. However, if you've saved up a bigger budget, this switch can be worth the investment.  




These design ideas are not just the end of your idea range for kitchen settings; there are still many innovative materials you can work on to create your dream kitchen. But before rushing down to the store, first, make sure you have the allotted budget if you plan to remodel your kitchen. It is also wise to hire a professional if you want an overall new and fresh look. You will undoubtedly be surprised at how much a room's aesthetic can shift your mood from a hectic day to a productive one.   







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