Moving House Vs. Moving Apartment: The Main Differences

We all know just how stressful it can be to gather up and pack all of your personal possessions and watch while total strangers take everything away. If, for example, you have decided to downgrade to an apartment, this means much less space and depending on what floor you are on, access might be an issue for large furniture items.

Upgrading To A House


It is a natural progression for many to move from a self-contained apartment to a house when they meet their soulmate and plan to start a family. This is usually a time when finances are not at their best, due to having to save the deposit and basic furnishings are often all that is needed. After you have recovered from the cost of buying your first property, you can begin to add furnishings and make improvements. If your apartment is on a high floor, best to call in a removal company, as they know how to pack and transport all types of furniture and restricted access is their speciality.


Downgrading To An Apartment


If the kids have all grown up and have families of their own, you might decide to sell the family home and transfer to a small living space where you can enjoy a tropical climate. Some seek help for their transfer and engage professionals such as Gold Coast removalists to help them with their things. Of course, a lot of furniture won’t be going to the new abode and you’ll have to be decisive with this; an overcrowded apartment is not something you want to experience. Keep things minimalistic to start, you can always add the odd item here and there as you become more familiar with the new space.


Scaling Up Or Down


Whether you are upgrading or downsizing, plan the layout of your floor space and make sure that you know exactly what is going and what is not. The removalist would have hands-on experience and they are always happy to advise the customer regarding items to include in the relocation. If, for example, you are in need of some secure storage space for a few months, the removal company has you covered.


Corridors & Elevators


If there’s an apartment involved, the removalist would have to see the venue in order to give an accurate quote. A difficult move might be more expensive, so don’t be surprised if the removal contractor wants to pay you a visit. More tips on downsizing from a house to an apartment can be found through an online search.


Comprehensive Service


A decent removalist would offer a comprehensive service that includes all packing and unpacking at the new residence, while packing materials would be supplied at no extra cost. Once the removalist has seen the apartment and evaluates access, he will know exactly what is required and can plan accordingly.


If you are downsizing, create a floor plan of every room in the apartment and carefully measure items you want to include, drawing them onto the floor plan. Store things that you wish to keep and with an extra list, the removalist would pack these things into a small container and store it at their facility until such time as you are ready.

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