Pointers to Note before Ordering a Custom Cake

A party is not complete if there is no cake present. Whether it is graduations, birthdays, or weddings, the event will not be complete without a cake to commemorate the occasion.

At times you can do all the planning and forget to order the cake. If that is the case, do not panic. Many baker shops will help you with the issues by offering you a custom cake. But before you make your order, here are pointers to note.


Give As Many Details as Possible

When you are booking a cake, it is vital to give as much information as possible. If possible, ask to talk to the baker so that you can tell them exactly what you need. Some of the data you will need to give the baker is the idea, colors, and flavors.

You also need to tell them the size that you expect for the cake. Then, if possible, you can give them a picture to work with. If you give enough details, you will not be disappointed with the cake that you get. However, if you are not clear, you will not get the cake you want for your occasion.

The Timeline

You also need to discuss when you need the cake. At times, you might need it within a short time, but you need to consider the baker’s time in making the cake. Keep in mind that you will need a masterpiece, and when you get the custom cakes for all occasions, you need to book on time.

Make sure that you give the baker ample time to make the cake. The best way to ensure you are on the safe side is to book the cake as soon as you know that you want a custom one made. That way, you will give the cake makers enough time to do what they do best. The more time the baker has to make the cake, the better the outcome. The best outcome can be seen here in the quality offered custom cakes for all occasions

Think Of the Delivery

Another pointer to note when getting a custom cake is that you need to think about the cake’s transportation. If you plan to pick it up from the bakery, you need to have reliable transport that will ensure that the cake arrives at the set destination in one piece.

If it is the baker, it is important to give them clear details of where you need the cake delivered. You also need to discuss the venue and the features like stairs, lifts, and any other information that will affect delivery. Make sure you give details or whether you have refrigeration for the cake or need to stay out for some time. Again, this data will help if you give it before baking the cake.


Set the Right Budget

A common mistake people make when dealing with cake booking is not setting the right budget. First, you need to understand that different factors affect the price of the cake. In addition, the custom cake is designed especially for you. Thus, this might end up costing you more.

Before you call the baker, make sure that you have made a list of what you will need. That will help the baker break down the price to have an idea of what you are paying for. Then, in case you choose a complex design, be ready to pay more.


So you are having an event, and you need a custom cake? Well, it is vital to know what to expect when it comes to getting a custom cake. Being prepared will ensure that you do not end up getting unwanted surprises. It will also give you an easy time when making a custom cake.

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