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Popcorn We All Scream For Popcorn

What is your favorite ‘go to’ snack? Mine is popcorn. I am not ashamed to admit that popcorn has been considered a meal from time to time. It seems that in our busy lives, something that is easy to grab and yet still healthy has to be a staple around the house.

Who doesn't love some good popcorn, we do in this house and some that are flavored we would go crazy for? Prospector Popcorn! is more than just popcorn they are gourmet popcorn, what I have learned is they provide work for people who have a disability, how amazing is that,

When I buy regular popcorn from the stores you can only get a couple of flavors.  Buttered and plain are pretty much the only choices, but here you get to choose the flavors you want and they have a few great ones.

We love watching movies and this was the perfect treat for us, there was enough to share the different flavors, the flavors really popped and you could taste them as you ate the popcorn. You know there are times you buy something and it really, does not taste the way it should. Not with this popcorn it tastes like it is supposed to that is what makes you want more.

Popcorn, sparkle, & JOBS! Prospector Gourmet Popcorn is a tasty treat on a mission. When you snack on our sweet and savory combinations, you’re helping to create competitive and inclusive employment for people with disabilities. Sit back and enjoy while we work and employ!


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