Streamsafely. Com Summer Camp

We’re offering lucky families the chance to win our ultimate snack pack prize for their next Family Movie Night. The prize package includes:

This Ultimate Snack Pack with all the snacks families love including Chex Mix, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Haribo Gummies, Pirate’s Booty and much, much more!

And this fun and eye-catching micro-pop microwave popcorn popper that will help make perfect popcorn for movie night!

At StreamSafely.com Summer Camp, families can get a list of 46 kid- and family- approved hit movies, freshly curated by the experts at Common Sense Media for Summer 2023. Our research shows that households with kids are more likely to click on pirated content, and most of the time they don’t even realize it! So StreamSafely.com features where to stream them all, and not expose the kids to the risks that come with pirated content, like malware and ransomware. Plus, it helps families end streaming decision fatigue for those family movie nights.

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