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Why These Chips

When it comes to chips, we all have one we like the most. Recently I was on a mission to find something different and new. Having the same chips all the time becomes dull so wanting to change it up is the best thing I did.

Having found the perfect chips for us Humble Chips are made from organic potatoes, they are a little thicker than regular potatoes and have the skins left on. They are dusted with natural organic seasonings and they are created by a potato chip Chef, how different is that?

The bags are Industrial Compostable Certified and can break down in municipal or commercial composting systems in 90 to 180 days.


  • The Original – for the potato purists
  • Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar – a light, binge-worthy classic
  • Smokey BBQ – the perfect blend of rich bbq spices and natural smoke flavours
  • Creamy Dill – a spotlight on homegrown, organic pickles
  • Honey mustard – sweet and spicy for the tangy taste buds

It's summer time and that means a lot of time spent outside, having family and friends over. What's better than sharing some humblechips with them, let them get to know how good they are and why you're so crazy about the taste?

Created with their son, Wilder, in mind, Alicia and Jeff Lahey launched Humble Potato Chips to help snack lovers give back and pay it forward at the same time. The brand is humbly filling a void in the industry that has been long overdue for an organic and eco-friendly snack option.

The potatoes used by Humble Chips are sourced from a family farm in Everett, Ontario. For Humble Chips, it’s not about having a competitive advantage by offering plastic-free packaging. It is more about sharing their knowledge with other businesses.

They all were so good, my favorite was the creamy dill. I loved that it was just the right amount of taste and wasn't too overpowering like the ones I had tasted before. My husband loved the smokey BBQ ones he said they were just right, and the taste was out of this world.

You have to try these yourself, the tastes are great and the crunch is awesome, They remind me of kettle chips but so much better, to get some yourself self visit the website, and you will not be sorry you did.

Why Humble Potato Chips

  1. Organic Goodness – Humble Chips stand out in kids' lunch boxes because they're made from organic ingredients. Organic foods are cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring that what your kids are enjoying is free from harmful chemicals
  2. Real Ingredients, Real Flavor: Choosing Humble Chips means opting for a snack made with real, recognizable ingredients. Our chips are crafted from beautiful organic potatoes, seasoned with natural flavors that burst with authenticity. Your kids will taste the difference – from the satisfying crunch to the delicious seasonings.
  3.   3. Planet-Friendly Packaging for a Better Tomorrow: What sets Humble Chips apart goes beyond the chips themselves. Each bag of Humble Chips is not just a snack; it's a small step towards a greener future. The certified compostable bags they come in contribute to reducing plastic waste and environmental impact. As your kids enjoy their crunchy snacks, you can feel good knowing that the packaging is designed to return to the Earth, leaving no toxic trace. It's a fun lesson in sustainability that they'll carry with them as they grow!

OUR MISSION. To Humbly help snack eaters give back and pay it forward to our environment and future generations, one delightful chip at a time.


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