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Vending For Squinkies

Squinkies Are The Squishiest!

Are you wondering what “Squinkies” are yet? Well, they are the squishiest little playthings that your kids will flip over! Not only that, but you can also get a vending machine for them too. As a matter of fact, Blip Toys sent me their Squinkies Original Cupcake Surprize Bake Shop, which includes 6 Squinkies and the vending machine cupcake.

Another cool item they sent to me is the Squinkies Originals 12 Pack. This is the perfect gift to go along with the Cupcake Surprize or on its own. My granddaughters freaked out when they saw these. Thankfully, they can share and get 6 each so there is no arguing. These little, tiny friends/animals are honestly so squishy that you'll find yourself fiddling with them in between your fingers.

I Trust Companies That Put The Needs Of Children First

When my kids were little there were lots of toys to choose from, but not like nowadays. I mean, the toy business is worth over 170 billion dollars, if that gives you any clue. So how do you choose toys for your littles? Well, it depends on why you are looking and what your needs are. I always look for quality over quantity when buying for my granddaughters. Kids are known for destroying things in minutes, so I look for sturdy, lasting ones.

I also look for companies that put children first. That's why I love these products because they were designed to last! Squish the Squinkies as much as you want and they'll bounce back just as easily.

More About Our Little Friends

The family of Squinkies come in their very own round bubbles which means you can take them everywhere you go. All of the family live in Squinkieville (of course) and they all love each other. There are lots of kittens, puppies, horses, people, and so much more to collect. Your kids will want them all! My granddaughters were so excited when they saw these and they played together for hours. That's what all parents want, am I right?

I almost forgot to mention that the Award Winning Cupcake Surprize Bake Shop is a vending machine. You put the little bubbles inside, insert the coin (included), and down come your mini friends! How fun is that? Kids will love this because I know I did. Little ones can also just open the bake shop and play that way. Ask your friends to come in and order a cake.

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