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Online slots are one of the biggest parts of the whole gambling industry in the UK as cheating on slots have become very impossible today. In fact, they make up over 70% of the online casino industry, and considering that there are loads of amazing online casino games out there to play, such as roulette, blackjack and poker, this is quite an astonishing fact. 

Slots draw in big money, too. Online gambling took in nearly £5 billion in the UK alone, so if you take a look at slots among them… well, you can do the maths. So, what is it about slots that we love so much? And what actually are the best online slot machines to play?

Why do we Love Slots? 

There are a few reasons for the fact that slots tend to stick out from the pack. One of these, and maybe the most important, is the fact there is so much choice. It is a fact that there are simply far more online slot games than there are of any other forms of online casino game, and that is because it is easier for developers to customise their slots. 

It’s not often you see an Ancient Egyptian themed roulette game or a sheep in space for blackjack, and that’s just because it probably wouldn’t work. Whereas with slots, you can really do anything. For that reason, it’s hard to get bored of slots and that’s probably the main reason that the British public love them so much. 

The Best Online Slots 

The slot game that is widely regarded as the best online slot machine of all time is Starburst, developed by NetEnt. Packed with amazing slot bonuses and presented with the most beautiful graphics in a cool space theme, Starburst really is the complete package and has gained somewhat of a cult status over the years because of it. 

Some other slots we love that you may have heard of include Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches, joker123 motobola available pretty much everywhere online and land-based, and EyeCon’s quirky Fluffy Favourites with its bright and captivating cartoon graphics.

Where to Play Online Slot Machines? 

There is an abundance of online casinos out there. The sites that host some of the aforementioned online slot games come in there hundreds, if not thousands, and they are all available for punters to enjoy right now. So, how do we know where to play these slots? What sets apart a good host casino site from a bad one? 

Other than security, probably the most important part of online gambling site choice, we recommend looking for the best welcome offers. Because of the amount of competition, casinos just want to get you signed up, so look out for the casinos that offer the best incentives for new joiners. Just make sure you read the ts and cs. 

Final Thoughts Online Slot Machines 

The general consensus is that the best online slot machine of all time is Starbust, so we recommend starting there. Just make sure you play it at the right casino!

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