The Day of Reciting Blessing with Kiddush Wine Fountain



The Jewish faith of the Kiddush is a fundamental part of the Jewish tradition. The way the ritual of Shabbat is valuable to all Jewish religious observances, the same way the Kiddush possesses a significant value to sanctify the Shabbat. The Jewish culture holds the belief that God took six days to create this universe. On the seventh, after the creation of the universe, God took rest. For this reason, Jewish people also carry the tradition of working hard for six days and the seventh day is the celebration day or Shabbat. The Jewish people celebrate Shabbat on Friday. 

The celebration of Shabbat without Kiddus wine fountain is beyond the imagination in the Jews tradition. In order to sanctify the Shabbat, people participate in prayer and recite the blessing over wine.  Although the Jews law, Halakha states about the consumption of challah or bread, the consumption of wine is no less popular. People even try to restore wine for Friday night.

Kiddush wine fountain to recite Kiddush

The performance of reciting Kiddus fulfills the purpose of sanctification during Shabbat. There is a ritual of sanctifying the meals and drinks in the Jewish tradition through the recitation of Kiddush. Over a Kiddush wine fountain full of wine or grape juice, the head of the family recites the blessing. Friends and family members participate in the celebrationto have a sip of wine. People enjoy the taste of wine either directly from the Kiddush wine fountain or from the Kiddush wine fountain cups. 

Usually, there are separate cups for every member of a Jewish family. In order to maintain the elegancy, the Jewish people use silver cups with beautiful decoration. The decorated Kiddush wine fountain and cups have been carrying the Jewish tradition from ancient times. 

Why Kiddush wine fountain is valuable?

The characteristics of the Kiddush wine fountain create its value to the Jewish people. Some significant qualities of the fountain are-

  • Aesthetic value: While we consider the aesthetic value of an object, we measure the capacity of the object to elicit pleasure or positive value over displeasure or negative value.  Considering the aura of the beauty of the Kiddush wine fountain, one can not ignore its aesthetic value. One can feel the pleasure if he has a fountain in his or her home.
  • Durability: As this fountain provides a significant value to the Jewish tradition, one will surely consider the durability of the object. As people have certain faith and emotion regarding the fountain and the celebration of wine, manufacturers give greater importance to the durability of the fountains.
  • Design and style: The fountain is also popular for the design of minute detailing. The Jewish people prefer the unique designs that represent the Jewish tradition. The beauty of a Jewish home can not be accomplished without the wine fountains of beautiful designs and styles.

Besides providing a significant value in the celebration of Shabbat, the antique pieces of the Kiddush wine fountain fulfill the Jewish culture.


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