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Gated communities have been very popular across the US states, such as Tennessee, The Carolinas, Michigan, New York etc. The states with the most gated communities are Florida and California, with Texas a close third.  


In Tennessee for instance, the popularity of gated community housing is on the rise in neighborhoods close to Nashville, such as in Smyrna TN, or Murfreesboro TN due to the safety and availability of all basic citizen requirements.


Gated communities are more popular amongst people who are looking to live quietly inside housing estates guarded within fences and walls, while still enjoying all modern facilities. We have listed a few of the benefits that you can expect from living in a gated community to help make up your mind about moving to any such place. 


Additional Privacy


Living within a gated community offers you amazing privacy, making it one of the biggest advantages when considering gated community living. If intruders, trespassers, or hustlers spoil your day, you would do great in a gated community as they allow only verified guests or the residents of the community to have access. 


You won't need to be concerned about the outside world as you go about your daily living. This is why many celebrities or public figures are attracted to living in gated communities.


Access To Amenities


One of the biggest advantages of living in gated communities is having an integrated lifestyle. You get ready access to a wide range of facilities inside the community, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, golf courses, and many others. 


If you live elsewhere, you would have to pay a great deal of money to avail of these facilities. No doubt, you can enjoy a very comfortable living when you have access to such facilities in a well-integrated community.


Secure and Safe Living


One of the things that first come to people's minds when they talk about the benefits of a gated community- living in the security and added safety. Living in a gated community means having your home in a surrounding that is guarded well and closed off to intruders. 


The entrances and exits to these gated communities are usually fixed and guarded by security personnel or in some cases with electronic fences. Now that companies like offer keyless entry systems to keep premises more secure, it's easier than ever to feel safe. This way, entry to the community is restricted, allowing only residents or guests to enter.


The secured gates work well keeping out intruders and thieves outside the gates. The entire area is well-monitored by 24/7 CCTV cameras, with intercom systems making it easy to communicate with each other and security personnel. 


Growing Sense Of Community


Living inside a gated community such as Murfreesboro TN elicits a sense of community within its residents, where they share a common understanding amongst themselves. Many of these communities hold festivals or events year-round where all the residents are welcome to participate and enjoy wholeheartedly. 


These community activities along with the communal facilities make it easier for the residents to know their neighbors well. This way, it gets easier for the residents to get familiar with each other and develop trust amongst themselves. 


Solicitors Can’t Access


The people living inside gated communities don’t have to worry about solicitors. As gated communities restrict the number of people entering, it is very easy to leave the solicitors outside. 


Salesmen approaching you inside your home or random people asking for donations on your doorstep are very frustrating situations that many people have to face living in ungated neighborhoods. 


Living inside gated communities gives you the freedom to control who has access to you while you are inside your home, which means not having to deal with unwanted solicitors.  


Safe For Children


Families with children can greatly benefit from living in gated communities. Especially if your little one loves to explore, the benefits are higher for you as gated communities offer security and peace of mind. 


You will be able to allow your kids to play outdoors with ease as there aren't any open roads filled with traffic. You also don't need to worry about any strangers accosting your kids while they are out at play as outsiders are restricted from entry at the gates. 


You will also be able to monitor your children easily by dropping them off at the communal areas designated as children's play zones.


Higher Value of The Property


Most people turn away from gated community living thinking that the cost of living in such a place will be higher than they can afford. This is not always true as there are many gated communities where you can live within your budget. 


If you buy from a trusted builder, your property inside a gated community will also have a higher value. This is why investing in a home inside gated communities like- Smyrna or Murfreesboro TN is a great choice when you plan on selling your property later.


Lesser Traffic


The residents of a gated community adhere to some community rules and regulations that also apply to driving, meaning you can usually get rid of the dangers of speeding cars or rash driving while you are walking near your home. 


This is due to the enforced and controlled speed limit that all residents and guests have to follow while driving inside the community. Outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, or taking a walk can be stress-free as you won’t have to worry about getting into any accidents on the road. 


This is especially beneficial to the senior citizens and the children, allowing them to move freely in any part of the gated community.


Sports Opportunities 


Sports is a great way to maintain physical and mental health and living in a gated community, you get to practice lots of sports activities daily. Most gated communities have sports facilities that allow you to play volleyball, tennis, cricket, badminton, basketball and a host of other games. 


Many gated communities also have indoor sports facilities available for their residents, allowing you to participate in chess, carrom, squash, billiards, table tennis, and many more. You don't need to leave your community to enjoy sports when living inside a gated community. 


Summing Up


Living in a gated community has many benefits, and hopefully, you have learned what to expect if you buy a property in a gated community from the points mentioned above. So make an informed decision and move into your peaceful and secure home in a gated community.


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