What Landlords Need To Provide for Their Tenants

What Landlords Need To Provide for Their Tenants

Landlords do more than rent out rooms. They owe their tenants several other things; happy tenants make for better tenants. Read on to discover what landlords need to provide for their tenants and how you can make your property desirable for future residents. A little consideration and looking out for your renters will pay off in the long run!

A Place for Their Mail

It’s the law! Your tenants need a place to receive their mail. The United States Postal Service has ruled that landlords must provide a safe and secure means for renters to get and access letters and packages. Some commercial mailbox terms to know include cluster mailboxes, vertical and horizontal mailboxes, and lockers. The USPS dictates the size, location, and accessibility of such receptacles, and they’re generally easy to purchase and install for your property. Talk to your local post office about the requirements and how to proceed.

Water Everywhere

Most city and state ordinances list that a landlord needs to provide a safe and habitable place for tenants to live. A big part of this is having access to running water and hot water, though the lease can stipulate who pays for the water and heating bill. Regardless, the facility must provide both. A landlord must address water health issues or repairs to water service in a reasonable amount of time, usually up to 14 days. However, they show greater professionalism and concern by fixing issues sooner.

Cold Comfort

In most communities, when the temperature drops, landlords have to provide heat to tenants when tenants can’t control the heat themselves. If the landlord controls the heat from a central location, they must provide a decent level of heat to the residents. However, if tenants have individual control over the heat through heating units provided by the landlord, that equipment must be in good working order. If not, the landlords can receive a fine. In most cities, heat must be available to tenants between September and June.

Safe and Sound

Still wondering what else landlords need to provide for their tenants? Units for rent must be safe. That covers a lot of ground, but it’s obvious steps. Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a big one. Changing the locks after a previous tenant moves out to prevent break-ins is another. Fire extinguishers should be available and easy to reach in case of fires. Staircases, floors, porches, and other places where tenants gather or walk should be kept in good condition to prevent trips, falls, collapses, and more. Keep your tenants safe! They deserve it.

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