Things To Know Before Rescuing a Dog With Additional Needs

Every pet owner will tell you that their furry friend is a loyal family member, and many of us adopt pets for companionship. Shelters and animal rescues have many dogs to offer, and some of these loveable canines need extra care due to their health conditions. Some individuals even search out these dogs to ensure every pup receives a loving home. We’ll discuss a few things to know before adopting a dog with additional needs in this informative post.

Note the Monetary Costs

Owning a dog is expensive, and the price usually increases when the pup you adopt requires extra medical care. If you know the dog has specific health conditions before the adoption, you should budget how much this will cost you monthly. Remember, your four-legged friend is reliant on you for love and care.

If you can’t afford to provide for them, it isn’t fair to them to go through with the adoption. However, some shelters offer financial assistance for vet bills, so be sure to reach out and inquire about your local shelter’s process.

Understand Their Needs

Canines can have various health conditions, including anxiety disorders, arthritis, or diabetes. Understanding their condition before you adopt them is beneficial because it allows you to mentally and physically prepare for their arrival.

For example, if you adopt a pup with canine diabetes, you should understand the truths and myths about diabetes in dogs beforehand. Some sources may tell you that canine diabetes will shorten the pooch’s life expectancy, but that isn’t accurate. In fact, dogs with diabetes can live full lives with the proper level of care.

Have a Household Meeting

Like with any pet, everyone in the household needs to feel on board and ready for the new family member. Everyone may have to pitch in on varying tasks related to pet care, which is easier when you’re all in agreement on the new arrival.

Consider creating a list of who will do which pet care-related duties; assign these according to age-appropriateness. A young child shouldn’t administer medication to the pup, but they may be able to feed them.

Expect Lifestyle Changes

A key thing to note before rescuing a pet with unique needs is that your lifestyle may change, and that’s for the better. Your dog will greatly impact your life as the two of you bond. But it’s important to remember that you may not have all the free time you once did. For example, going on long vacations may be tricky. You might have to find a daycare or pet sitter that can provide them with the needed level of care while you’re away.

They’ll Love You Unconditionally

Let’s be honest—our dogs are loyal and love their families unconditionally. While adoption does come with a lot of responsibility, it also leads to endless love from your furry friend. Your pup will know you’re the primary source of affection and care that transformed their life.

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