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Things you must know about Home broadband plans and how to identify it

It is insanely bizarre to imagine a world without the Internet. It is unthinkable how a person could survive in the 21st century not accessing Netflix, Google, YouTube food delivery, online stores, and Euphoria! Unless you're a caveman, it is possible but for a person born in an environment with wireless services? It is not!

Imagine one day you suddenly get a lost connection to the Internet. What are the things you will miss during these 24 hours? This article will find out the importance of home broadband plans, the best broadband promos, and the available home broadband services in Singapore.

What is a broadband plan?

Broadband refers to transferring large amounts of bandwidth data across multiple platforms via high-speed internet access.

Types of broadband connections

  • Fiber optic

Fiber optics transmit large amounts of data at high rates by sending light pulses via fiber strands.

  • Wireless

Wireless broadband, commonly known as wi-fi, uses radio waves rather than wires to connect a house or company to the Internet.

  • DSL

Traditional copper phone lines send data through the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).

  • Cable & Satellite

Using the same coaxial wires that carry video and audio to your television, the cable provides your TV high-speed internet access.


What can you do with a broadband plan?

Many internet providers offer excellent services when you sign up for their accounts. They provide different promos to provide easy and cheap access on multiple platforms.

  • TVBAnywhere+

When you register for any broadband promo, you will access many platforms such as TVBAnywhere+. This streaming platform is popular in Singapore since it offers an extensive library of the latest drama and variety shows. Some of the best broadband promotions lessen the monthly payment for this app.

  • Netflix

We all know that Netflix is the biggest streaming platform across the globe. This massive company provides subscribers unlimited access to thousands of international TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and dramas. When you register for broadband plans, they will offer you a promo to lessen the monthly subscription fee of your account for you to enjoy binge-watching tv shows and movies.

  • VIU

Viu is a home for Kdrama fans. In this app, you can enjoy unlimited tv shows, movies, and variety shows. If you want to enjoy the premium version of this app, choosing the best broadband plan for your home could help you lessen the cost.

  • Handset Deals

One of the most excellent benefits of choosing the best broadband promotion in your home is when they offer smartphones and other gadgets on their promos. When you apply to a home broadband service, most companies have a variety of plans for you to choose from, and some of these plans have smartphones, tablets, and gaming monitor freebies. Also, sometimes they offer lower prices for the latest mobile phones in the market once you register on their promos. It's a win-win situation if you can find the ideal product at a low cost.

Mobile phone releases seem to be a nonstop event due to rapid technological improvements and competitive rivalry among the leading mobile phone corporations, but don't worry about being left out! Most of the best broadband promotions sell the latest mobile devices, and commonly they make them available at prices that are much lower than the retail price.

Choosing the Right Broadband Plan for Your Family's Needs

When it comes to internet services, selecting the correct bandwidth (Mbps/Gbps) that suits your family's needs is essential. Especially when the plan is paid to last for 24 months. Sites such as test my speed allow you to find the internet speed that you need, as well as offer helpful resources so you can learn how to read your internet speed test, see what causes slow internet, and much more in minutes.

Since wi-fi six has become the new standard for wi-fi connectivity, additional plans and promos include updated modems or wi-fi mesh systems, which will improve your house's overall connection and allow you to browse faster on the Internet.

Before deciding on a broadband plan, you should first think about your family's necessities.

  • Do you have a massive house with a lot of internet-connected devices?
  • Maybe you have a gamer/ streamer in your household that needs faster internet connections.

It will become much easier to select the best broadband promotion for your house after determining your needs.

The Cheapest Internet Service for Your Home

Do you want quick access to the Internet on one or two devices at a lower price? It's recommendable to choose the broadband promos with 500 Mbps internet speed available in 12-to-24-month plan periods.

The broadband plan that is the best deal

Are you looking for the best broadband promotion that everyone in your family can enjoy? 1Gbps internet speed is ideal for this kind of need. Since you have multiple devices using the Internet, Choose a plan that offers 12- and 24-months contractual periods with 1Gbps speed for an uninterrupted browsing experience.

The Best Gaming Broadband Plan

Suppose you want to stream or play without any interruption. Choose the promo with a 1Gbps speed or higher for the best experience. You don't need to think about internet traffic, connectivity problems, and internet loss with this plan. Even if multiple devices uses the same wi-fi, it will never be an issue. Many top broadband plan providers in Singapore offer the best performance yet cheap wi-fi plans.

Best companies that provide a home broadband plan

Many households rely on having a solid and fast internet plan at home. It's either the intention is for gaming, entertainment, or work. Having a long-lasting internet connection is one of the essential needs of a basic household today.

There are six major reliable providers in the industry to consider when choosing the ideal broadband plan for your household.

  • M1
  • MyRepublic
  • SingTel
  • StarHub
  • ViewQwest
  • WhizComms


When seeking the best broadband plan for your household, you probably want a telco that can give fantastic internet performance at a reasonable price. Often, Internet service providers will offer you a specific broadband promo and make a lot of tempting promises about a good experience. However, after you've signed up for their promotions, you'll quickly discover it's not what you're expecting. So be careful in selecting internet plans and promos to avoid these long-term disappointments.

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