Tips and Tricks to Help You Win at Words With Friends

Word games have several benefits to the mental health of the young and old. Older people can play word games to boost their self-esteem, exercise their brains, improve their thinking and keep dementia away. Children, teens and younger generations can compete with their friends while playing word games, thus building social connections. These games can also come in handy for any student, essay writer, poet, or professional who needs to improve their command of grammar. Before now, word games took physical forms like puzzle boards with moving pieces, riddles at the back of newspapers, hangman board games, and scrabble sets.


Now, as humans persistently work on innovations, even games and our other modes of entertainment have been developed to adapt to advance technology. With this, we can now play word games through our mobile phones, computers, tablets, and such. Whether you're waiting in a long line for something, riding the train, sitting in a cafe waiting for a friend, you can now play word games wherever and whenever. One of the most popular word game apps is Words with Friends.



Words With Friends

Because of Scrabble's popularity and how fun it is to play it, the future of Word with Friends from the start of its launch was already bright. It was released more than a decade ago — July 2009. It was available in devices that ran on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS operating systems. It was also made available on Facebook, the Nook Tablet, and Kindle Fire. Back in 2010 and 2011, it was among the top-ranking apps in Apple's App Store. It generated profit through ads and the premium version, which you can avail to avoid any ads in-between your turns.


The mechanics of Words with Friends are similar to Scrabble; the only difference lies in placing triple word spots and the points that some letters have. However, even though playing Words with Friends feels like you're only playing Scrabble through a phone, the game experience is different.


Words with Friends is played virtually and online, and you can connect with your friends from afar. You can even meet new people from all around the globe. The app allows you to set a game with a friend. You can also use the ‘smart match' feature of the app to pair you with someone who is also looking for a match. One of the app's features that make it more fun and exciting to play would be the chat box feature where you can really connect with new people and with your friends to make you more invested in the game. 


The game doesn't have a timer, and you can play your turn at any time. However, the game can expire when you take too long to play, and wouldn't it be more fun if both you and your opponent are playing at the same time. You may think of this as a bummer, but you can always start a new game with another match. The app allows you to play 40 games simultaneously, and this is possible through push notifications that notify you when it's your turn. Furthermore, those who are tired of getting stuck on challenging words and are looking for a word finder tool to assist them can now take a look at Project Lexicon for some extra help in this game!


How to win at Words With Friends?

Although playing Words with Friends is fun, it's not always so, especially when you constantly lose games. It can get frustrating not being able to get high scores. Playing competitively and winning games always adds to the joy you get in playing a game. To help you through games and improve how you play, here are some of the tips and tricks you can use to guide you in earning a total winning score:


  1. Strategically place words on the board.

Before you place your tiles, be sure that you're not just going with the first word that came to your mind. It's not all about just laying the word that can get you the highest point with the tiles you have. It would be best if you always thought of strategies. A word you play may not give you the highest point from your tiles, but it can open opportunities for you to get even double the points you get from this turn and the next. Although, make sure you already have your next word before giving out an opener.


Strategizing by leaving tiles such as a pair of consonants or vowels can help you avoid running out of possible words to play on the next turn because you don't have a vowel or a consonant. 


Learn the different word strategies you can use to score better.

Here are some of the strategies that can boost your scores more than how you thought they would:

  • Pluralizing

Don't let your ‘s' go to waste! Use them to get points for two words by pluralizing an existing word on the board while placing a complete word through that same ‘s' tile. 

  • Playing parallel

Playing parallel is one of the most effective strategies in getting you high scores. You have to learn a lot of two-letter words for this, but if you get the hang of it, you can get scores for three to four words in one go; imagine how high they would be if you played parallel with an ‘x' in the word! Your score would automatically be more than just 18.

  • Stacking high-value letters

In playing Words With Friends, you have to make the most out of high-value letters. Stacking your high-value tiles can get you up to 50 points or more! It would help if you always aimed to place them in hot spots (bonus points spots that can double or triple the points you get from a word or a tile). Playing a word that is made up of high-value letters is also an easy high-point-earner. How you use your high-value letters should always be well-thought-out.

  • Hooking words

Much like pluralizing, hooking words brings you the same benefit of getting points for two words. You can turn the word ‘ lap' into ‘flap' while using the ‘f' for the word ‘forests'.



When you're in a game, and you've run out of words to play, you can always seek help from a word finder.


There are websites for word games such as Wordgiraffe, which can amazingly provide you with words you can play with the tiles you have. Just submit the letters you have, and it will come up with the results of the words you can make out of your tiles.

Another online anagram solver is Unscrambled Words. You can enter all the letters you have to work with to get a list of words, but you can also specify if you need the word to start with or end with certain letters. There’s even a Wordle Solver and a Crossword Solver for when you’re playing other word games.

Words with Friends is a game of wit, language, strategy, and luck. You can improve yourself through constant practice and learning more words by reading. By following the tips and tricks provided above, you'll be able to enjoy the game better and win a lot of matches.


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