Tips To Refresh the Aesthetic of Your Bathroom

Over time, your home’s theme can become outdated or tired. So you may feel inspired and want to renovate your home, and a dull bathroom space is a great place to start. Here are some tips to refresh your bathroom aesthetic from a forgettable space to a luxurious, updated one.

Update Your Fixtures

The sink, drawer handles, doorknobs, and showerheads can make your bathroom look either luxurious and classy or dated and uninspiring. You can replace your old bathroom fixtures with updated ones to give them a refreshed look.

Instead of your typical stainless-steel appliances, consider swapping out your old fixtures with ones that have solid brass construction. These are long lasting and eye catching. Likewise, replace your faucet with a uniquely colored one to add character to your bathroom. Some characteristics of high-end faucets you should look out for include the level of detail they incorporate, reputable warranties, and a good brand reputation.

Install Space-Saving Features

If your home has a cramped bathroom space, consider renovating it with space-saving options. For example, installing a pedestal sink or a single-sink wall-mounted vanity in your powder room can help save space while making the room look larger.

You can also place an over-the-toilet unit with shelving that you can decorate while incorporating storage bins so that the bathroom has better flow. If you want a decorative touch, you can add a linen basket to hide dirty clothes without removing the visual appeal.

Add Wall Art and Color

Blank, uninteresting walls can make a bathroom space feel sterile. Instead, add a pop of color and hang wall décor to increase visual interest. While white gives bathrooms a clean and pristine look, you can play with warm neutrals or a pop of bright colors to give them more personality. Vibrant hues like emerald green, burnt orange, sunflower yellow, and royal blue can make your bathroom striking and unique.

Instead of stopping at color, you can add wall art and décor to enhance the sophistication and luxury of your bathroom space. Framed photographs and paintings, greenery, pottery, decorative linens, and gold accents can make the perfect addition to your bathroom space.

Replace Towels, Bathmats, and Shower Curtains

When was the last time you swapped out your linens and shower curtains in your bathroom? Swapping your linens, bathmats, and shower curtains is a quick and budget-friendly way to instantly refresh your bathroom space's aesthetic. Instead of white, tan, or gray towels, consider blue, green, or orange towels to hang on your towel bar.

You can match your bathmats to your towels for a cohesive look. Moreover, you can take it further and have your shower curtains fit within the theme of your towels and bathmats without painting your walls.

Refreshing your bathroom space into an updated, modern theme can also transform the ambiance. Take your time with your theme and note what you want to change. Before you know it, your bathroom will become a therapeutic paradise.

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