Top 6 Ideas For A Teenage Room Makeover

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Your teen's room might probably be one of the most challenging rooms in the house to upgrade and decorate. That's because you want to underscore and promote their hobbies and interests, yet, at the same time, ensure it blends well with the other rooms. You want to create a space that pays homage to your teen's adolescence but also gives off chic and sophisticated vibes.

Naturally, you don't want to create that bed-on-the-floor dorm look or something that looks straight out of a glossy interior design magazine. But you want to build a living space that is adaptable enough to grow and evolve with your teen until the years left at home. And perhaps, the most challenging of all, you want to avoid meltdowns (of you and your teen) over design and décor disagreements.

Chances are, your teen might be design-conscious and wish to strike the right balance between adulthood and childhood. And while your teen might not be ready to bid farewell to some beloved toys but still crave a high-energy and vibrant room.

Creating this cohesive look for your teen's mini, self-contained apartment, which functions according to their age, isn't an easy feat. Nonetheless, you can prevent potential issues and arguments by using the following décor ideas as inspiration.

1.  Utilize storage units

First things first – purge unnecessary items. Begin by assorting your teen's possessions, clothes, and accessories into four main groups: sell, recycle, donate, and trash. Once done with this process, organize the remaining items and belongings to maximize the storage space.

However, if your teen possesses weather-sensitive items, you might need to exercise caution. For instance, if you live in upstate New York city, Hudson, where the weather remains pleasant and cold most months, you can take advantage of a Hudson self storage service. These storage units are temperature-controlled to stow the belongings. 

2.  Incorporate a fun theme

Sit with your teen and take out magazines or open blogs and catalogs that share room theme ideas. Exploring different theme ideas can be a time-bonding and fun activity.

However, if you have a taste clash with your teen, try to compromise and prioritize your teen's choice. After all, it's your teen's personal space; you must give them a little freedom. That said, don't forget to discuss the budget before making the final decision.

Going with a particular theme can keep the color scheme and decorations of the room on track. In addition, choosing a specific room theme can help you stay on course with furniture and paint ideas.

3.  Pay attention to the study space

During the teenage years, more often than not, homework starts to pile up. Thus, if you want your teen to get into a regular study habit and be successful in school, designate a corner of the room as a quiet study space.

One best approach is to keep it simple yet a bit stylish too. For instance, place a slim desk against the wall and a small and comfortable seat your child can slide under the table when not in use. Also, try to find a desk that contains storage options so your child has enough room to place notes, essential files, stationery, and other critical documents.

Lastly, ensure the study space has ample lighting, so your teen doesn't have trouble studying and being productive.

4.  Accentuate the hobbies

Once your teen reaches the age where they no longer want to showcase their toys and playthings, use them for more grown-up creative ideas. For instance, if your teen enjoys skateboarding, in that case, you can use skateboards to embellish the walls and emphasize their passion.

Or better yet, you can use the wheel of the boards to craft customized door knobs. You can even paint coastal views on the wall using a soft sandy color palette to spotlight your teen's love for surfing. And if your teenager is fond of music, figure out places in the room to hang the musical instruments. Or create a beautiful chandelier using the drumsticks.

Whatever your teen's passion and interests, highlight them through small elements to make the room more inviting and inspiring.

5.  Make use of neon lights

Does your teenager have a favorite football club? Then, add a pop of neon lighting to add dimension to your teen's room and give it a subtle look. This cute accessory can make the bedroom sophisticated yet add a touch of something younger.

Pick a neon sign that depicts your teen's personality, such as a favorite quote, favorite character from the movie, famous athlete, or name initials. You can find local contractors online that craft neon patterns and designs.

And the best part? The unique neon signs can be personalized and fit in every space. For instance, you can wrap them around the wall-mounted fish aquarium. Or you can choose to suspend the string of neon lights from the swing.

6.  Embrace lighting

A combination of lighting is vital for every living space. Even more so when it comes to your teen's bedroom, which caters to different mood swings your teenager goes through every day. So, get strategic with the lighting to swiftly turn the basic bedroom into a beautiful one.

For instance, you can dangle fairy lights on your teen's headboard, place modish lamps on the floor, or install lanterns on the roofs. A stylish lamp on the nightstand is an excellent idea if your teenager is an avid reader.

However, you can embed unique lighting fixtures that go well with the room's décor and theme to give a more cozy look. For example, a rustic or wooden light fixture can elevate the mood of the mountain-themed space. Likewise, woven light fixtures can match the style of a coastal theme.

Final Words

Creating an elegant and stylish room for your teenager can be tricky. After all, you want to create a living space that nurtures their hobbies and personal styles but still resonates with the rest of the house. Plus, the room should have longevity so that you don't end up refurbishing it every year until your teen moves out.

Over and above, finding the right balance between essentials, sophistication, and playfulness can be pretty challenging. Nevertheless, the key is to keep the teen in the loop from the beginning. Since your teenager is now old enough, they can come up with their design ideas, and you can always give your input and provide feedback.

So, craft mood boards and thumb through interior design magazines to get an accurate picture of your teen's interests and how they want the look of their room. And incorporate elements that feature functionality, storage, and comfort. Altogether, create a room where your teenager feels empowered and provide them with space where they can grow, learn, and evolve.

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