Why Health Insurance Might Be More Important Than You Think

Having health insurance leads to better healthcare outcomes by reducing medical costs, lowering death rates, and gaining more access to quality care. It's incredibly important to hold a health insurance plan. It's not only for the worst-case scenario medical emergency. Health insurance helps you access preventative care that keeps you healthy and safe for the long haul. From using health insurance for a primary care physician, emergency services, or urgent care in Lexington, KY, read on to learn the importance of this essential benefit.

Financial Benefits of Health Insurance

The biggest benefit of having health insurance is aiding in the financial burden of medical care. Health insurance makes healthcare much more affordable compared to paying out of pocket. Medical accidents can rack up thousands of dollars in bills.

One of the reasons many people forgo health insurance is because they don't think they have a need for it. They don't have a chronic condition or they never get sick. Accidents are impossible to plan for. You never know when you'll get in a car accident or find out you have a life-alerting illness. Health insurance gives you that cushion to help you financially when you need that medical care.

Insurance plans come with deductibles, which are your out-of-pocket expenses before some of your coverage kicks in. As you pay for any medical expenses, those costs count towards your deductible. When the deductible is met within a year, any expenses after that are covered by insurance. This is hugely beneficial if you do end up in an accident or require a great deal of medical care throughout the year for whatever health reason. 

Medical bills are one of the primary reasons many people end up in debt, especially those without health insurance. Paying out-of-pocket is incredibly expensive. Compared to what you pay with insurance, you could pay between 60–80% more for the same services. With health insurance, you're able to avoid paying excessively for medical care and treatments.

Health Benefits of Health Insurance

While health insurance is beneficial in the event of an accident or unexpected medical illness, it's the best resource to help you maintain your health and wellness. Health insurance covers preventative care measures, such as seeing a primary care physician or specialist to aid in your overall health care. You have access to vaccinations, health screenings, and other services to prevent illnesses that could result in medical complications.

When you have the best preventative care, you receive the support and resources you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ongoing care ultimately leads to living a longer life. You're able to take care of yourself and bring any concerns to your doctors to get the help you need before it's too late. With any medical condition, early diagnoses are best and you have a better chance of catching any potential illnesses early when you see your primary care physician regularly.

An annual checkup with your primary care physician isn't the only way you can utilize your health insurance. Most health insurances also cover specialists such as therapists, dermatologists, gynecologists, and more. Total body health is essential but without health insurance, the cost to see physicians can be expensive. With insurance, you'll likely need to pay a simple copay to see your healthcare professional.  

Health Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

When you have health insurance, you put to rest any stress on what you would do if you had a health emergency. You don't have to worry about accumulating large medical debts. You don't have to worry about trying to find medical care. You don't have to worry about what you'll do if you are in an accident or discover you have a debilitating medical condition. 

Health insurance doesn't just provide comfort for you but for your family as well (in more ways than one). When you have a family health insurance plan, you can rest assured that your spouse and children are able to get the best care they can without running into huge medical debt. For elderly individuals with health insurance, your families won't have to worry about you getting the care you need as you age. 


Health insurance can seem like an unnecessary expense that you can skip. But without it, you could end up losing way more money in the long run. It's worth the cost to have the peace of mind to provide you with quality health care to keep you well and a financial cushion to help in times of medical need.

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