Ways to Start a Conversation With the Locals

Talking to locals is something that can take a vacation to the next level.  We don't travel just to be seen in a new place, we want to fully experience it and get to know the people who live there. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to start a conversation with people who are so far removed from themselves and may find it hard to talk to them.


Don’t fear!  Here are the best ways to start a conversation with the locals where you’re traveling.

Go To Local Dives and Bars

Sometimes a social lubricant like alcohol can make it far easier to talk to people.  This works both ways since it means that locals may be more willing to talk to someone new.  Be friendly, don't hide that you're new to the area and get to know them as a person.  If they seem interesting to you, ask if they'll hang out outside of the bar.  This can bring your friendship out into the real world.

Don't Act Like too Much of a Tourist.

Although you’re a tourist by default when you travel, ensure that you don't come off as one-note by showing a genuine interest in the people and the area.  Try not to talk about yourself too much or where you're from and make it clear that you want to know more about the site and the people who live here.  If someone doesn't want to talk to you, or you can tell they don't like the questions, don't bother them or linger on them.

Enjoy the Local Sports and Activities

Sports are an international language!  Getting to cheer for something, the excitement of wanting your team to win and the thrill of seeing it happen on television or in person can all be great ways to grow closer to other people.  If you want to know locals, get to know their sports!  If it’s a sport you’re not too familiar with, get to know it before heading to a game or sports bar.

Rent From an Airbnb

Renting an Airbnb is a great way to meet the locals.  Although you don't get to know many of your neighbors in Jamestown apartments, when traveling in AirBnbs, you're in actual neighborhoods renting someone's home. As a result, you can get to know the neighbors, ask the homeowner where good places to hang out are and possibly make some friends!

Try Something Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If you’re still unable to meet anyone new, try something entirely different.  When you’re in a new area, seek out ads for fun activities like noodling (catfishing using your hands) or other fun and random hobbies.  Although these may seem arbitrary and they probably aren't anything you would try at home, the locals who teach people how to do this are used to tourists and are often a lot of fun to get to know.


There's nothing wrong with being a tourist! However, getting to know the locals wherever you go can ensure that you have many fun and different experiences you wouldn't have anywhere else.

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