What are the Benefits of Freight Association for Shippers?



Successful freight associations can offer significant benefits to all the members involved in these. This concept of shippers’ association has been out there for hundreds of years and now brought in some revolutionary changes in the global commercial marketplace. In this article we will briefly overview the best benefits of successful association between the shipper and ocean carriers in the international freight forwarding industry. Many people and organizations have benefited from his in their daily business operations. 


Economic benefit


Low-cost shipping is one of the biggest advantages in terms of freight associations. In terms of offering goods transportation, fright associations can consolidate services and buy services at bigger discounts. For small and medium-sized fright members, associations can offer a bigger buying power and multinationals with huge volume shipments. Ocean carriers will also secure big volume shipping agreements with minimal effort by being a part of these associations.


Stabilization of rates


Another major benefits of freight association are that the parties involved will be able to come to common terms about rate stability across the globe. Successful freight associations will also make the tasks easier for all those who are involved and create a leveled playing ground for all. This can enrich the entire segment of trade and create opportunities for all. The agreements can be made based on the commodities being shipped, and standardization can be brought across the sectors. It will help eliminate the need for negotiations at different levels and thereby any wastage of resources. Hither stability also comes as a result of the same. Creating a stable rate freight forwarding environment will also help build more trust and only healthy competition between the associates.


Ease of operations


Managing the freight record keeping associated with each contract, including the rate agreements, filing of tariffs, liner services, legal concerns, and surcharges, will require more expertise and involvement of resources. Being a part of an association will help eliminate this administrative work done, whereas sharing the coast among many entities makes more sense. It is beneficial for all those who are a part of the association to reduce operational costs and bring more efficiency to the entire system. This can cut down the operational overheads.




A structured agreement between the shippers who are part of the association will provide a bigger coverage than using different carriers at different places. The members of the freight association will be able to collaborate seamlessly between different carriers without any constraints of individual contracts. The carriers will also benefit from a bigger pool of customers who utilize these services, which otherwise may not be easily reachable to all.


Proper association of freight services can operate in compliance with the regulatory needs of different regions. Abiding by the trade requirements will also offer better guidance and training on security and compliance matters. Carriers and shippers can also assure that they are operating safely and fully protected by being compliant. This will further help to avoid any fines or penalties.

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