What You Can Do Right After a Home Delivery

What You Can Do Right After a Home Delivery

Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Bringing a new life into this world is an amazing experience that can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you have chosen to have a home delivery, it is important to know what steps you can take immediately after giving birth.

As expectant parents, we understand the importance of making sure your home is clean and safe for yourself and your newborn. That's why we have compiled a list of things you can do right after a home delivery so you can confidently and seamlessly transition into postpartum and nourishing rituals as a new family.

Preparing for a Home Water Birth

If you have chosen to have a water birth at home, there are some preparations that need to be made beforehand. It is important to have a designated space for the birth pool, preferably in a warm and quiet room. Make sure you have all necessary supplies, such as towels, clean sheets, and a pool thermometer to monitor the water temperature.

Cleaning After a Home Water Birth

After giving birth in the water, it is essential to drain and clean the birthing pool. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure a safe environment for both you and your baby. Start by draining the water into a designated area, such as a bathtub or outside space.

Then, clean the pool with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly before refilling it for future use. Our best tip for cleaning after a home water birth is to delegate these tasks to a postpartum doula or support partner so you can rest with your newborn and enjoy the “golden hour.”

Resting and Bonding With Your Baby

After delivering your baby at home, it is important to take some time to rest and bond with your newborn. This is a special moment for both mother and baby, so don't feel pressured to rush into any activities or chores.

Use this time to breastfeed, cuddle, and get to know your little one's features and sounds. These moments are fleeting, so enjoy them for their precious value and lean on your support team as much as possible.

Getting Some Help

Don't hesitate to reach out for help if you need it. Giving birth is a physically and emotionally draining experience, and having support from friends or family can make all the difference. They can assist you with household tasks, cooking meals, or simply providing emotional support during this special time.

Postpartum Care for Mothers

After giving birth, mothers also need to take care of themselves to ensure a speedy recovery. Make sure to stay hydrated, eat nourishing meals, and rest as much as possible. Avoid strenuous activities and listen to your body if it needs extra rest or care.

Lastly, another thing you can do and should do right after a home delivery is attend your postpartum check-ups with your midwife or preferred healthcare provider. This is an important step in your recovery and allows for adequate monitoring of your overall physical and emotional well-being.

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