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Not all American flags are created equal. You can find American flags online for shockingly low prices. The extremely cheap ones are normally mass produced in a foreign company and fall apart not long after you get them hung. If you want a well-made American flag that will last you are going to have to pay more than you will for a poorly made one. 

The Best Place To Find Quality Hand-Sewn American Flags

If you are looking for high-quality American flags for sale Allegiance has you covered. This company only sells hand-sewn American flags that are produced right here in the U.S. of A. and they only use materials that are 100% sourced in America as well. Allegiance will not have the lowest price that you can find on their American flags, but you get what you pay for.

Qualities Of Allegiance American Flags

All of Allegiance’s American Flags are held to these high standards…

  • Hand-Sewn

Every American flag that Allegiance sells is hand-sewn by an American patriot. Great care and pride are sewn into each one of these high-quality flags.

  • U.S. Flag Code Followed During Production & Packaging

Allegiance takes pride in the fact that every American flag they sell is treated with respect throughout put the full manufacturing process. The flag code is followed the whole time and they make sure that it is packaged correctly so that any flag you purchase is not designated before it arrives at your home. 

  • Made in America

Allegiance only produces American flags on American soil. It takes great pride in the fact that they produce quality American flags right here in the U.S. of A.

  • Only Made From American Material

Each flag that you purchase from Allegiance is not only made in America, but every piece of material and thread used to make the flag was also made on American soil.

  • Helps Keep Manufacturing Jobs in America

Allegiance knows the importance of making sure that we keep manufacturing jobs in America and do not let them all disappear to factories overseas. Allegiance encourages everyone to buy American-made products as much as possible.

How Allegiance Got Its Starts

Allegiance was started by 3 patriots that were tired of not being able to buy a good quality hand-sewn American flag that was American-made. They decided to start a company to fix that problem and created several American manufacturing jobs at the same time. That is when the owners also became passionate about continuing to expand and help to create more and more manufacturing jobs here in America.


When we choose to purchase foreign-made products just to save a few dollars, we are essentially helping to kill the manufacturing industry here in America. Every time you chose to buy an American-made product you may pay a few more dollars but that few extra dollars are going into the pocket of a fellow patriot. When you buy a cheaper foreign product you are sending all that money overseas and helping another country’s economy grow while are is slowly dying.

Always Buy American-Made When You Can

Make sure that the next time you are in the market to buy an American flag, that you fight the urge to buy a cheap mass-produced one and spend a few extra dollars to buy and hand-sewn American-made one. If everyone will make this simple choice we can keep a lot more money coming into American businesses and stop American manufacturing jobs from disappearing. The next time you want to save a few dollars by purchasing a foreign product thinks of how much that small savings are going to hurt the future of the American dream.

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