Why Instagram Stories is Fastest Way to Reach Fam For Young Artists



A lot of youts dream about getting fast and rapid glory. However, creating exposure for the music requires a careful balance of promotion and genuine connection. The text below shows you a quick and pleasant way to get attention if you're starting as a musician.

On the one hand, you must put on your marketing hat and share your work while encouraging followers to help you in some way. On the other hand, you must connect with fans on a human level – you must exhibit your personality, be honest with them, and offer enough information to draw them into your universe.

Instagram has developed a tool that makes striking this balance a lot easier, and that is Instagram Stories. Tips on how to use stories to promote your music will be considered in this article.

How To Use Instagram Stories

Due to the fact that Instagram stories only last 24 hours, it is a space where you can be a little more open with your content. The process to use the story feature is easy and straightforward.

Tap the small camera icon in the top left corner of your Instagram home page to add a Story. There are a variety of alternatives available, including simple text posts, images, live broadcasts, boomerangs, and movies. By tapping the happy face symbol on the right, you may add fun facial filters. Simply press the image icon on the left side to upload photographs or videos from your phone.

Some Ideas For Engaging With Fans Through IG Stories

There are more than a few ways to engage your fans and make your social interactions interesting using Instagram Stories.

  • Use polls to engage your audience.

Stories are an excellent way to gain an immediate response from your audience. Create a narrative and then click the sticker icon at the top to add a poll to it. Select “Poll” from the drop-down menu and write in the question you want to pose to your followers. The poll responses can also be customized (the default is yes/no). These polls can be important to understanding the preferences of your audience or just a fun way to interact with your fans.

  • Use stories to cross-promote your other social media accounts

Use screen capture or a quick edit of the video to add to your Story. Add a direct link to the video with the link icon and some text asking viewers to swipe up to watch.

You can also use Stories to link straight to your website’s store or gig page. Create a brief video informing fans that your new music is now available for purchase, complete with a direct link to your store where they can swipe up and purchase.

  • Give your story followers exclusive deals

Consider offering special deals on merchandise, coupon codes, or two-for-one promotions, so supporters can purchase two stickers for the price of one.

Another possibility is to provide early access to Story viewers. As an example, before making a YouTube video public, you may provide a direct link to it.

The most important thing is to make your Stories a place where fans can have a good time. Share some video footage from band rehearsals or studio sessions. Create a brief instructional or play-through of a song using a sequence of videos. Allow fans to assist you in selecting an outfit for a performance.

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