Your prismatic guide to magnetic car stickers-weighing the pros and cons

When you know that vehicle branding is one of the best forms of advertising for small businesses because it’s self-sufficient and simple, you know that decals and car magnets are the ideal solutions for your on-the-go brand. 

  • Car magnets are very easy to install and remove. You can easily stick to steel cars, trucks, and vans. Despite the good grip on steel vehicles, they may also fall. 
  • If your car is your personal vehicle, you don’t need to worry about the decal commitment. You easily clean it and remove the magnetic sticker while you’re from professional duty. 
  • Experts recommend you to remove the car magnets on a frequent basis to give more exposure to the area. Sun exposure is important too.
  • Another downside is that car magnets are available only in small sizes. 
  • On the other hand, decals are an awesome option for permanent advertising. They don’t damage the vehicle paintwork if you tread that route.

They allow a bigger area for you to cover. Provide information like your business name, address, phone number, and DOV permits or TSLC number.

About quality car magnets

The premier companies produce full color, high-quality, custom magnetic car stickers in multiple sizes that suit any type of vehicle. If the standard dimensions don’t suit your vehicle, you can make custom dimensions.

  • The companies print the car magnets at a high resolution to make sure you get top-quality image.
  • They apply gloss lamination over the digital print to get additional longevity. There are premium car magnets that have 0.8mm thickness. They stay on your vehicle for a long time.
  • Decal and magnetic stickers manufacturers recommend you to use the maximum dimension of 600mm*500mm for optimum adhesion to your car.
  • The stickers damage your paintwork or car if you take proper care of the car. They come with a care sheet. 
  • What you need to remember is that if your signage is for temporary use, car magnets are the ideal solution. If you want to advertise different types of businesses at different locations and times on the same car, magnetic stickers are the perfect option.

Regarding the printing of the stickers, you can use the latest HP Latex 3200 printer to get the top-class color prints. The define the cutting-edge of printing technology worldwide, providing exceptionally high-quality print. 

The high-tech tools allow the designers to print in maximum digital colors. The printers are environment-friendly with no solvent odor. Their scratch resistance if very high.


In a nutshell

Magnetic car signs are also called car magnets. They add character and branding to your business vehicle. Technically, car magnets are not stickers, but you still call them magnetic car stickers. You print the door magnets in full color. You make them from 0.85mm thick vehicle magnet sheets. 

You can also use magnetic signs as metal surface or tailgate magnets to hold vehicle magnet sheet. They are very affordable and easily noticeable from a distance. You can find them in parking lots, pavements, and trade shows. The door magnets show immense durability in the face of egregious weather conditions. 

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