5 Tips for Helping Your Puppy Avoid Heatstroke

5 Tips for Helping Your Puppy Avoid Heatstroke

Summer can seem like a fun time for your dog, as they run and play in parks or your backyard. But it can be a dangerous time since the summer heat can put them in danger of becoming too warm and developing heatstroke. Fortunately, you can read below about five tips for helping your puppy avoid heatstroke.

Don’t Leave Them in a Car

Never leave your dog alone in your car, even if the weather seems mild outside or your air conditioning is on. It is easy for the air inside your car to become very warm and negatively affect your pup.

Leaving them in a hot car can risk them experiencing heatstroke or even death. Keep them safe by taking them home and then traveling on your own to places that don’t allow dogs inside.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Staying hydrated during the summer is important for humans, so it shouldn’t be surprising that your dog needs access to a steady water supply too. No matter if they are indoors or outdoors, they should always have enough water to drink so they can stay cool. It’s also a good idea to change the water in your dog’s dish regularly so it stays clean and fresh.

Spend More Time Indoors

Letting your dog spend more time inside is another good tip for helping your puppy avoid heatstroke. If they have a lot of energy, consider taking them to a doggy daycare provider so they will get the activity they need. The daycare’s employees will monitor their well-being while allowing them to have fun and be social with other dogs.

Chill Them Out With Wet Cloths

You can provide further assistance to them on hot days by applying a cool, wet cloth to their feet and the back of their neck. You shouldn’t make it too cold, however. That can be startling for your four-legged friend.

Watch Them Carefully

Just as your parents would watch you as a child for any signs of illness, you should watch your fur babies for any signs of heatstroke. If they pant or seem tired more than normal, you should act quickly to make them more comfortable. Otherwise, they may experience more extreme symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or blood clots.

Helping your dog cope with the summer heat will make them much more comfortable and happier while keeping them out of the veterinarian’s office. That will ensure your dog continues to enjoy the season, and your life as a dog parent will be less scary.

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