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Playthings Are Delightful

Playthings Kids Will Thoroughly Enjoy

Playmobil and Blip Toys have figured out how to send kids into a tizzy…but in a good way! Nowadays kids are bombarded with toys and playthings which can make it hard to pinpoint exactly what they want. Well, I was lucky enough to receive a couple of Playmobil Figures and a Zoom-o Turbo Disc Launcher by Blip Toys. When I say my granddaughters freaked out, I'm not kidding. We immediately opened the little figures and my 10-year-old granddaughter began putting those together. The younger one couldn't wait to get the turbo disc launcher out and fling it across the yard. Here's how that went!

Let's start with the Playmobil Figures Series 23 – Girls sets. These little figures are the perfect size for little hands and are easy to assemble. I'm not good at putting things together, but the 10-year-old had no problem. She must've finished them both within minutes. She's excited because she can use them with other Playmobil sets that she has. I love when a company thinks about those types of things.

Next, we opened the Zoom-o Turbo Disc Launcher. This crazy-looking contraption was a piece of cake to zip and fling. The youngest (5-year-old) needed a little help from us but she was so excited when she finally did it. I was so happy that it wasn't dangerous at all so you don't have to worry about it coming back and hitting their little faces. I had a blast pulling the cord. It flies up to 100 feet in the air and it was fun trying to catch it as it came down. It includes 3 soaring discs, the rip cord, and the launcher, of course. You need to get yourself one or two so the whole family can join in!

Let's Bond With The Little Ones

What is the one thing that kids want from grown-ups? Of course, if you ask a kid they'll immediately say a toy or something silly like that, but I believe it's quality time. They thoroughly enjoy it when we take the time to sit with them to talk or play. I know my granddaughters absolutely love it when I visit because they know Nana will get on the floor/ground with them. I actually get dirty with them! Finger painting? I'm there. Building something? Yes, please. It feels good to see how happy they are when they see my face coming up their driveway and I truly believe that's because I play with them.

I hope you get your own playthings and have the fun I've had with my grandkids!

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