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Let’s Create Artwork

Let's Create Artwork With These Fun Craft Supplies!

I have always wanted to be an artist, but unfortunately, I wasn't born with the talent. As a kid, I loved to color and create artwork though. That's why I loved getting this package from Bright Stripes because my granddaughters are the perfect ages for their products! They sent me their iHeartArt Jr. Art on the Go! Safari Collage, iHeartArt Jr. House of Crayons, and a Swirly World Blind Box Pen. These items are so much fun and give kids a great start to making a masterpiece.

Let's start with the Safari Collage. This is a perfect on-the-go coloring book to take along on road trips and wherever else you go. It comes with a book that has 24 activity pages and 26 blank drawing pages. It also includes 8 chunky crayons along with lots of sticky paper. The book has a hard board-like back so it's easy to use anywhere. This is more for ages 3 to 5 but I even had fun coloring in it.

The House of Crayons is great because they're extra chunky and they fit wonderfully into little hands which makes them easy to hold and use. Not only do they work great but they're detailed to look like crayon people. Of course, the box is made to look like their house. It even comes with its own attached coloring book!

Lastly, my granddaughter's favorite item of all. The Swirly World Pen is so much fun because you get to create it! Yes, your child will create their own light-up liquid wand pen. It comes with all kinds of fun things to put inside such as microbeads, plastic bubbles, and mineral oil. The pen is so pretty and vibrant and lights up as you write.

When you give children the chance to create masterpieces the possibilities are endless. When making something from their imagination it gives them such a feeling of accomplishment, especially if the recipient shows excitement. If you're lucky enough to receive one of these pictures make sure you show it off to everyone!

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