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Toys Not Just For Easter

Toys Don't Have To Be Defined As “Easter Toys”

I was sent an amazing box of cool toys that my granddaughters went nuts over. However, I wasn't able to give them to the girls until after Easter. I noticed that none of that mattered at all. One of the toys was the Original Eggmazing Egg Decorator, which comes with the decorator and 8 non-toxic markers. It's from Hey Buddy Hey Pal and the decorator uses real hard-boiled eggs instead of plastic ones. It was funny because I didn't know that until we opened it and began using it. Again, it didn't matter that it wasn't Easter in the least! The girls loved coloring the eggs. It's so simple to use. You put an egg into the decorator holder and it spins. Then you simply use the markers to create beautiful designs.

The next wonderful toy came from Hog Wild Toys. They've sent me similar toys to this, but this cute Chocolate Brown Popper Toy actually looks like it's chocolate, not to mention that it has a “bite” out of the ears! This sweetie shoots soft, foam-like balls when you squeeze its tummy. Of course, it comes out of the bottom end, if you know what I mean. It's cute and it's funny, especially for kids! Parents don't have to worry about it hurting anyone or breaking anything in the house. It doesn't shoot it hard enough to be painful. My youngest granddaughter loved it and she was shooting the balls all over the house. You can find many types on their Amazon page.

Bonding With Kids Is Important

There's a time for your kids to play alone and then there's a bonding time for both of you (or your family). Nothing makes a child more happy than spending quality time together. A new toy is exciting, but playing together will create memories that they will cherish forever. They're only little for a small amount of time so get on the floor with them. Heck, get dirty with them! It's not only good for kids but it's great for adults to play. My granddaughters and I set up some small toys and we used the popper toy to shoot them down. We shared time and took turns, it was such a great time.

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