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Historic Cartoon Cards

These Historic Cartoon Cards Are Great For Real Collectors And Drawing Enthusiasts

Drawings and cartoons go back as far as the year 1908 and possibly further.  This art form was thought to be for kids but adults enjoy them too.  I know I love certain cartoons and I don't feel the need to explain myself to anyone.  I remember as a child my favorite cartoon didn't come on until the weekend and it was only in the morning.  If you find yourself a true cartoon collector you may truly enjoy Historic Cartoons.  Not only will you enjoy the drawings, but you'll learn about the last 200 years of historic cartoons.

These drawings are supposed to start a conversation and you may just learn a thing or two.  These aren't your average animations!  I'm talking about “When was the first use of  Uncle Sam in a cartoon?” and trivia such as this.  Imagine how much fun you could have with family and friends while quizzing one another.  I bet you could even make a game out of it.

Interesting Historic Questions

There's even a card that is called “A War President. Progressive Democracy” that goes on to explain that this cartoon was created in the presidential election year of 1848.  How interesting and historic is that?  The crazy thing is that all of the cards are like this.  There's so much to learn and collect.  If you know of any cartoon collectors this is the perfect collectable!

This Historic Cartoons Box contains a hard case of 50 cards that goes back over 200 years.  These cards are fun and you can't beat the protective case they come in!

If you're not interested in those specific cards don't you worry because they also offer World War II Cartoons & Posters (25 card set).  These cards have iconic and historic posters such as “We Can Do It”” with the woman in the red bandana holding her fist in the air.  There's also the ever scary “He's Watching You”.  Yikes!

There's so much for any collector in these cards.  They make a great gift.

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