7 Gun Accessories You Must Have

You bought your first firearm and now you want to do more with it. There are some accessories that you might find interesting and are helpful for gun owners. Here are 7 gun accessories you must have 

7 Gun Accessories You Must Have 

There are a lot of gun accessories you can buy with your guns. It’s not only limited to what you can attach to the gun. There are also other accessories that will make your shooting experience much smoother. 


You can’t fire your gun without ammunition. Hence, you should always have them with you, plus plenty more at home – you don't want to be caught out hunting or with a trip planned only to find you have an ammo shortage that puts a stop to your plans. Having a gun with ammunition is important for self-defence. You also save a lot of money when you shoot with your own ammo at the shooting range.


Ammunition can be expensive and when you shoot regularly, will cost much more. If you want to save money, consider reloading your own ammunition by getting your own reloading press. A reloading press makes reloading ammunition more convenient. 


Reloading your own ammo will save you a lot of money. It also is a great hobby to do. You will learn more about the bullet mechanism and how ammo works when it is fired. What is the best case trimmer for reloading, you should find out and see your options. 

Gun Cleaning Tools

Whether you’re shooting your gun frequently or not, it still needs to be cleaned regularly. Not doing so will cause corrosion and rust that will damage your gun. Gun cleaning is also a great pastime and you get to know more about your gun. 


Start by getting yourself a gun cleaning kit. It should contain the following to start you with gun cleaning:


  • Gun oil
  • Cleaning patches
  • Brass jags
  • Clean wipes
  • Gun cleaning brush
  • Brass patch holder


You may also want to consider getting gunsmith screwdrivers, gun cleaning mat, gun cleaning rod or bore, and many other. There are plenty of gun cleaning accessories you can add that will make cleaning quick and simple. 

Storage and Carry Gear

In 2020, 42% of U.S. households own firearms. Some of them don’t even use proper storage and carry gear. It might lead to accidental shooting or getting your firearms stolen. It’s always important to protect your firearms away from other hands. 


Also having gun-carrying gear will make your trip to the shooting range less messy. They have specialized space for anything gun-related from ammo, magazines, and gun accessories. Everything packed into one bag makes it convenient for you to bring along. 


When you go to a shooting range, the targets they use sometimes don’t match your liking. Having your own targets will make your shooting experience more comfortable. 


However, if you are going to try and enter some shooting competitions, you would probably want to use the classic silhouette target. They are popular among handgun owners. The classic silhouette target is used in many shooting events so it’s better you get used to it. 

Protective Gear

Firing your gun can damage your hearing. The sound a gun makes when firing can rival that of the sound of thunder. Imagine that being close to your ears. Hence, why most gun ranges require you to use earplugs or muffs for your own safety. 


You also have to wear eye protection in case some debris or shrapnel goes to your face as you fire the gun. It’s always better to have your own protective gear since renting one from the gun range can be expensive sometimes. 

Spare Magazines

Spare magazines help you save time when you run out of ammo. It’s extremely useful to have and they are needed for some shooting competitions if you plan to enter one. 


Whether it be at the target practice range to save time or when you have a concealed weapon for self-defense, spare magazines will always be helpful.  

Sights or Scopes

Guns usually come with mediocre sights. Most gun owners buy a better one and replace them. If you are the type to rely on sights to fire accurately, you should get some quality sights.  Hunting Scopes are great for when your hunting, you are able to see your mark better. 


For long-distance shooting, scopes are a must. Riflescopes are always popular so you should have no trouble finding one. 


These are the essential gun accessories you must have. They are extremely helpful for you as you learn to properly use and handle your gun. Even experienced gun owners still have them in their homes.

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