7 Jewelry Items That Are Perfect for Work



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Most of us spent more time than we’d like to admit deliberating whether a pair of earrings or a necklace is okay to wear to work. Jewelry is designed to make a statement. You want to make sure you’re making the right statement for the job, and you don’t want to wear anything that might be noisy or distracting to yourself, coworkers, or clients. Classics like pearl bracelets and diamond stud earrings are always appropriate for the office, but there are plenty of other items that you can wear with confidence as well. Read on to discover 7 jewelry items that are perfect for work.


1. Pearls


Feminine yet powerful, pearls are ideal to wear to the office. With their gentle glow and neutral tones, pearls coordinate with literally everything in your wardrobe, from business suits to blue jeans to ball gowns. A pearl strand or stud earrings offer an understated way to convey style and efficiency. For Casual Fridays, drop earrings are perfect


2. Diamond Studs


For effortless elegance, diamond studs are a must. Like pearls, they add understated elegance to your outfit. If genuine diamonds are out of your price range, cubic zirconia (CZ) is an acceptable alternative that contains just as much sparkle as the real thing at a fraction of the cost.


3. Bracelet Watch


Your cell phone will tell you the time, but a bracelet watch communicates a lot more about your personality. People who wear watches come across as reliable and serious about the value of time. A watch also lets you check the time discreetly, and cuts down on the distractions that cell phones inevitably cause. Every professional woman should own an elegant bracelet watch.


4. Pendant Necklace


Pendants come in a wide range of styles. For most professional offices, a delicate design such as a diamond pendant or single pearl are preferable, but other uncomplicated choices, like a discreet initial charm, are also acceptable.


5. Tennis Bracelet


Generally speaking, work jewelry should be simple and not interfere with your ability to perform your job. This is the case with a diamond tennis bracelet. Minimalist yet refined, a diamond tennis bracelet conveys your exquisite taste without veering into gaudy territory.


6. Subtle Ring


A wedding ring is always acceptable to wear to work, but that doesn’t mean that singletons are excluded from donning a tasteful ring. While big, flashy rhinestones should be avoided, you are not limited to diamond solitaires. A plain band, a single stone, a pearl, an eternity band, or a signet ring are all appropriate for work. As a result, many residents of Dallas love wearing diamond rings at work. So if this idea resonates with yours, look for dallas diamond wholesale stores and find something that you’d love to wear at work. This will help you create a subtle piece of jewelry, making you feel classy and stylish at the same time.


7. Versatile Brooch


If brooches make you think of your grandma, think again. A brooch is a classic, and offers a wonderful way to express your personality in an understated way. You aren’t limited to wearing the pin on your lapel, by the way. A brooch may be worn on your shirt collar, on a scarf, on a belt, to close a cardigan, or even as a hair ornament. As with all work jewelry, be considerate of your coworkers. Pick something that isn’t too blingy so you don’t blind them with flashy jewels

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