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A Fun Holiday Project For Kids

This Is A Fun Holiday Project For Kids Plus They Can Wear It When They're Done!

As the holidays get closer I love to immerse myself with crafts.  I love creating something out of nothing and my grandkids love helping me too.  I try and find them their own project but it seems to get quite messy.  Well, if you're looking for something for the kids to make without the mess, you need a Chalk of the Town shirt!  They get to color on their shirt, wear it, then they can simply erase it and make a new design.  The kit comes with the t-shirt, 3 chalk markers, and the erasing cloth, which is everything needed to let their imagination run.

This Special Project Comes With A Christmas Tree

This Chalk of the Town t-shirt is short sleeve and it already comes with a Christmas tree in chalkboard form printed on it.  Now all the kids have to do is decorate the tree any way they want to. Once the kids color their design they can simply erase it and make another.  The included chalk markers make that an easy chore by using a damp cloth (also included).  However, once it's dry it won't smudge!  What a perfect way for families to bond and enjoy a fun activity together.  As a matter of fact, it would be a blast to create a Chalk of the Town creating party for everyone.

The Christmas Tree Chalkboard Youth (short sleeve) kit includes a 100 % cotton short sleeve t-shirt with reusable Christmas tree chalkboard, 3 vibrant chalk markers (blue, green, and pink), and an erasing cloth.  So, as you can see it comes with everything needed for a great time.  Not only would this make a fun idea for a party, but what a wonderful gift it would make too.

Looking For Something Else?

If you're not interested in Christmas trees, Chalk of the Town has many other items to choose from.  They have short sleeve, long sleeve, youth and adult kits plus stencils and markers.  They even have tote and patch kits and lots of t-shirts that the kids can decorate and personalize.  Please click on the links I've provided and go check them out.

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