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You may be in the market for a new appliance for the new season, and grills seem to be the perfect fit. After all, everyone can enjoy the outdoors and eat hotdogs and burgers after a good swim in the pool. The good news is that you can narrow your choices to find something that will be the best fit for your yard.

Grilling seasons have arrived, and the market is ready for it. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you can check bbq grills on sale to get you started. Select the high-quality ones that will last for years so your family can enjoy an outdoor dinner or two from time to time. The fondness of cooking outdoors has remained in many people's family traditions, and you can improve them by getting the best grills that the market is offering.

Endless Choices Out There

You can have a simple charcoal grill that will give you a grate and an area where you can heat the charcoal. There are also high-end gas grills with smoker functions, rotisseries, and burners so that you could have sophisticated dinners with friends on the patio. The Kamado varieties are made with heavy ceramic, and they can be used for smoking or slow roasting. The Kamado provides radiant heat that's not very strong in other types, and they are very durable, so you may want to check them out.

Choosing the best grills will depend on the type of cooking you're comfortable doing and your family size. There's also the budget to consider, and this guide will help you look for the one that's more compatible with your lifestyle. Read more about the grilling side on this site here

How They Operate

Regardless of the fuel that they are using, most grills are operating on the same principle. The fuel is burned, and heat is produced. The meat, vegetables, and other foods are cooked into the grate where the heat source is nearer. 

The source could be charcoal's radiant heat or the flames of a gas grill. The goal is not to set fire into the meat but to smoke them to come dripping with delicious juices and fats. Some people love the flavor they get from the wooden charcoal because it adds smoke that can't be experienced by frying.

Prices can vary, but you can surely get something on a small budget. There are $50 ones, and the high-end varieties can be up to $1000 or more. The more expensive brands don't mean that they are better than the others. Sometimes, they come with extra features, bigger sizes, and more power, but they don't have to be expensive.

You can also use portable grills for everyday cooking, and smokers are for special parties. If you have a family with four members, you can opt for a smaller one more inclined to your budget. For novice grillers, their first purchase should be something simple and easy to operate. Some of the things that you could look for are the following:


Decide which fuel you are going to use when purchasing the appliance. There are charcoal briquettes that can be available in online shops and various convenience stores in your neighborhood. However, there's a downside to charcoal where most people find it difficult to light it and ensure that the flames continue.

There are gas grills that run with the help of propane and other natural gases. You can buy them in tanks, but they are not commonly found in many shops compared to charcoal. Many homeowners may prefer the pellet grills made up of different kinds of wood because they lend subtle flavors and aromas to the meat. The electric varieties only require an outlet outside for you to plug it in. 

About the British Thermal Units (BTUs)


When you shop for a grill, make sure that you know it’s BTUs, which are energy measurements. A BTU is widely used in other home appliances like air conditioners and gas stoves. The higher the number you're getting, the more heat is produced, and more fuel is needed. Grills that were constructed using aluminum will be faster to heat but quick to cool. See more info about BTU here:

Cooking Area

If you're planning to cook hotdogs, burgers, and steaks, you may want to check the items that can fit inside the grill first. The manufacturers will say if the size will align with your family's needs and entertainment. If you're more adventurous, you can also get whole chickens and turkeys in as long as space will allow it.

If you're used to doing a picnic, you may want to select something that can fit into your large trunk or car. Larger models are ideal to be a more permanent fixture in your yard, and they may not be a good option when you want to carry them around.

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