Clogau redefines something up your sleeve

Clogau Jewellery has spent more than twenty years designing and creating high-quality jewellery. They’ve created unique pieces made from silver and rare Welsh gold, especially the Clogau bracelets

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Our selection of Clogau Bracelets 

In our stores, we carry a wide selection of Clogau bracelets. Each bracelet is unique with its own design and style. You are guaranteed to find a piece that will suit your needs and style. 

Clogau Tree of Life Bangle 

Just like every stunning piece in Clogau’s vast collection, the Clogau Tree of Life Bangle is made from a combination of Welsh gold and sterling silver. This piece has been earmarked with the Clogau marks and the Welsh Dragon. 


The design of this bangle was inspired by the beautiful flow of nature and its relentless power. This bangle shows details of vines, leaves and berries to show how natural life forms intertwine.

Clogau Mens Dragon Scale Bangle 

This bright bangle is detailed with rose gold and silver Welsh Dragon. The gold used is some of the rare Welsh gold that the Royal has used for more than 100 years. 


The symbol of Wales, the Welsh Dragon, has always been a symbol of Welsh culture and pride. In the first half of the twentieth century, it had regained its popularity after it was used for the Caernarfon Investiture of Edward, Prince of Wales. 


During the second half of the twentieth century, in 1959, the Welsh flag was officially recognised as the national flag of Wales. Since then, the Welsh Dragon has been the proud emblem for public and private buildings in Wales. 

Why get Clogau Bracelets. 

Clogau jewellers have built a reputation for designing, manufacturing and selling beautiful jewellery pieces. Their silver bracelets are no exception. 


Each of their hand-finished bracelets and made from high-quality materials. Each of their bracelets is made from the rare Welsh gold that has been used by Royalty for more than a century. 


Since 1923, the Royal family has used Welsh gold to make their wedding rings. This Welsh gold is some of the most wanted and the rarest gold on the market. 


Their bracelets come in various designs that suit your unique style and taste. The jewellers make the bracelets from a wide selection of diamonds and precious stones. Their range also includes bracelets made from sterling silver, yellow, rose and white gold. 


The jewellery designers have a net of inspiration for their bracelets. The inspiration can range from their Royal connection to the natural beauty of Wales to the story behind the Clogau brand. 

Clogau’s silver jewellery 

Clogau uses 92.5% sterling silver in all of its jewellery pieces. The Edinburgh Assay Office thoroughly tests each piece of silver for its purity and high quality. You’ll be able to see the well-known Edinburgh Castle on their silver pieces. 


At Clogau, their designers passionately create silver jewellery that is dazzling. Silver jewellery has been used to show one’s status and luxury in the past. Nowadays, silver jewellery has been used to show devotion to a loved one. 


What makes their silver jewellery is that Clogau also incorporates the rare Welsh gold in each piece. The beauty of the gold and the silver perfectly compliment each other. This stunning combination results in the signature style of Clogau bracelets and jewellery. 

About Clogau 

A Welsh man named William Roberts made a surprising discovery by finding an abandoned gold mine in Snowdonia. Even though the gold mine was abandoned, William wanted to transform it into a booming tourist attraction. But this idea was halted because it was located in the Snowdonia National Park. 


William then decided to change his plan. He faithfully believed that there was still gold in the mine. He chose only to use this gold to make high-quality and beautiful jewellery. Williams wanted to create jewellery with Wales as his primary inspiration. 


Later in 1994, William produced his very first jewellery range. The collection consisted of five pieces sold in a few tiny gift shops close to Clogau St. David’s gold mine. 


It was lucky that William had managed to stock up on as much high-quality Welsh gold as possible. This Welsh gold is still used today in the manufacturing of their jewellery. 


Clogau is located in Wales and “is a second-generation family business.” For more than 20 years, their jewellery collection has grown and dazzled jewellery lovers all over the United Kingdom. 


Today, Clogau jewellery is considered an heirloom with cultural and personal meaning. Their jewellery also has a permanent connection to Wales that can be passed down from one generation to another. 


Be sure to check our selection of Clogau bracelets to find a piece that suits your unique tastes. 

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