What Necklaces Personalized with Numbers Mean to You



When it comes to necklaces, there are a variety of different styles that people can choose from. However, when it comes to necklaces that are personalized with numbers, these tend to have a special meaning for the wearer. For instance, have you considered Angel Number Jewelry?

In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why people might choose to wear necklaces that are personalized with numbers to symbolize something personal to them. Those gifting the necklaces will have this in mind too. It is a reflection of how well you know someone to be able to give them a necklace as a gift with a number that has some meaning to them.

Special Dates

For some people, necklaces are personalized necklace with numbers can be a way to remember a special date or time in their life. For example, someone might wear a necklace with their birthdate on it as a way to always keep that date close to them. Others might choose to wear necklaces with the dates of important milestones in their life, such as the day they got married or the day their first child was born.

Different Personal Meanings of Numbers

Whereas others might choose to wear necklaces with numbers that have a special meaning to them for more personal reasons. It could be, for instance, that a necklace is representing how many children a mother has. This could be a personal gift from the father of the children.

The number could be a day associated with a family member or the person themself. It does not have to be a single number because it could be two or three numbers that have meaning.

We can choose the number ourselves or have someone else think that we will appreciate a certain number because of its significance in our life to date. Our special number might change, so it could be time to renew our numbered necklace, or to drop a hint for a certain someone to buy us a different number on a necklace.

Lucky Numbers

When it comes to necklaces, some people believe in wearing necklaces with lucky numbers on them. For example, a jewelry wearer might want a necklace around their neck with the number 7 on it because they believe that it is a lucky number. There are different styles of necklaces that can be personalized with numbers, and each person will have a different idea about personalization. In the case of lucky numbers, we can all have different ones that we find are lucky for us.

When someone plays darts, they might have a favourite double that they always get out on. This could be on a necklace. Not that they will need reminding, but it could be something for the other player to fear or something the dart player just enjoys wearing to play a game.

Those who frequent casinos will perhaps have lucky numbers that they always place their money on when it comes to the roulette wheel. Wearing the necklace will hardly be a clue to the casino because the numbers that come up should be random anyway, although we might all have what we think is a system that works.

Lucky numbers might be those that we use to play the lottery. These can be birthdates too, doubling up a personalized number necklace with a number that holds several meanings to its wearer.


When it comes to necklaces, there are a variety of different types that people can choose from. However, when it comes to necklaces that are personalized with numbers, these tend to prove to be even more of a special gift than those that are simply seen as jewelry for jewelry’s sake. 

Searching online is an excellent place to find the perfect gift that has your specific person in mind.

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