Enjoy Sex Like Never Before: 5 Secrets of Safe Sex

Since the pandemic, you are definitely having more sex than ever. After all, being locked at home, you have so much time and so little to do – and plus, that’s the best way to spend some intimate moments with your partner!

You are definitely having lots of fun. But are you practicing safe sex?

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but, in the act, if you are down with an STD like herpes or HIV, it is game over. There is no coming back if these two viruses enter your system and besides them, there are other STDs going around as well.

Once you become sexually active, during the pandemic or not, keeping in mind that you and your partner both practice safe sex is important for both of you. Sex doesn’t just have a glamourous side to it. It can get really ugly sometimes and you don’t want to be a part of it.

Below, I have enlisted 5 tips that you must ensure if you want to relish the pleasure tension-free!

  1.   Getting your sexual health checked

Once you become sexually active, it is important you get your status known as often as you can. Ideally, every time you end up shagging with a new partner, get yourself checked.

You shouldn’t wait for symptoms to show as either it can be too late, or, some STDs do not show immediate symptoms, for example, chlamydia. In the first case, you do not want to have it, and if you do, you do not want to pass it on. So, get yourself checked, often. Regular appointments for Your Loving Choices STI testing will give you the sense of being able to be careful with the people you love.

  1.   Importance of condoms

We have all been reminded of the necessity of condoms a hundred times over. And yet, so many of us fail to follow it. Condoms are a must if you are about to have sex with someone you recently met (one-night stands) and either of you hasn’t been tested.

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we don’t bother about condoms. Some of us don’t prefer having sex wearing condoms because it either desensitizes the penis or the woman feels the penis like a vibrator and not an actual penis. For these reasons, there are thousands of types of condoms available that can give you security along with your desired pleasure.

For instance, caution wear iron grip condoms have a latex thickness of only 0.070 mm which is extremely thin and give you the equal pleasure of that of naked sex. Not many people know this but STDs can spread through oral sex as well but more on that later. So penetrative or oral, condoms are a must.

  1.   Other forms of protection

You might only think of condoms when it comes to protection but there are other forms of protection as well. These include dental dams and gloves. When having oral sex, and you are going down on your partner, (heterosexual woman) having a dental dam protects you. This is what they are designed for.

Also, if you use your hands during foreplay, there are latex gloves, to prevent any spread of STDs. You might be on birth control but they are no guarantee against the spread of STDs. And like I have said before, Penetration is not the only way of sex that STDs can spread, you need protection for all aspects of sex.  

  1.   Being careful with alcohol and drugs

There is no way alcohol or drugs can cause STDs but what they can cause is: leading you to make bad sexual decisions, the ones that you might regret later. Alcohol and drugs pull your guard down aka you don’t have any self-control. This is what leads to assaults and mistakes, which later turn into regrets.

How often we have seen a group of friends binge-drinking on weekends, only to wake up with different partners the next morning.

  1.   Stick with a monogamous partner

No matter how old school it sounds, if you have been with your partner for a while now, and in the past, you haven’t caught any STDs, there are very less chances of you catching STDs in the future as well.

Given that you both are only sleeping with each other. This is when you can lose some strings of protection because now you have surety that either of you is not infected with any kind of STDs.  

CDC has estimated that 1 in 5 people in the United States has some form of STD. STDs are more common than you think and the above ways are the only ways you cannot catch one!


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