Hiking Adventures: How To Go Backpacking With Your Dog

Hiking Adventures: How To Go Backpacking With Your Dog

Going outside to explore is a wonderful way to be one with nature, and when your furry friend tags along, it becomes even more fun. Many pet owners like hiking, camping, and backpacking with their pooch for their dose of adventure. Going on a backpacking trip with your pup allows you to bond and create unforgettable memories. Get expert hiking adventure advice on how to go backpacking with your dog to keep the trip fun and safe. 

Pick the Right Spots

Before embarking on a trip, you’ll need to select a dog-friendly spot and transportation. For example, scope out sites that welcome dogs if you plan to camp during the adventure. Understanding the rules and regulations for each area will keep your pooch and other travelers safe.

You should also review the location’s leash rules as you search for canine-friendly spots. Some places may allow owners to let their dogs off their leashes. However, other locations will have firm leash requirements since letting a dog go off-leash could put the animal or other travelers in danger. 

Train Your Pup

Your dog should be well-behaved, socialized, and have reliable obedience skills. Ensure your furry friend knows how to stay, heel, and respond to recall; also, work with a trainer to teach your dog to ignore distractions such as other animals. Making sure your pup knows the recall command is vital, as there’s always a risk of your dog getting separated from you, even if you keep your pup on a leash

Create a Trip Plan

Evaluate fun activities you can do during your adventure, such as hiking along specific trails or paddle boarding. You may also want to make this a multi-day trip and set up camp.

By drafting a plan, it’s easier to determine what essential gear every backpacker needs. For example, if you camp, you’ll want to add some outdoor cooking gear to your knapsack. Remember to select things that both you and your pooch would enjoy doing together when deciding on activities.

Visit a Vet

Our final hiking adventure tip on how to go backpacking with your dog is to schedule a vet appointment at least one month before the trip. At the appointment, the veterinarian will ensure all vaccinations and flea and tick preventative treatments are up to date.

Your vet will also check your dog’s fitness level and advise on activities your pup can safely undertake. By putting safety first, you make certain that your backpacking adventure is a memorable bonding experience for both of you and your four-legged friend.

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