How Do You Write the Best Letter of Recommendation for Your Master’s Program?

Universities take into account your resume and grades when you apply for their Master’s degree. Apart from that, they would like to know about your experience, work, character, and wit. That is why reputed educational institutions ask for letters of recommendation for your Master’s application. 

According to an article published on, a student when applying for a college, he would need 1-2 letters of recommendation from an employer or for that matter, a high school teacher. A recommendation letter is a formal document and therefore, it’s not something one needs to be creative with, to be honest. Here are some useful tips to write a letter of recommendation for your application: 

Provide recommenders relevant information

A person who writes your recommendation letter may know you, but that does not mean they will remember all about your test scores, accomplishments, merit certificates, and things like that. Therefore, you need to provide them with all relevant information so that they can write an appropriate recommendation letter. 

The information that you need to furnish includes your resume, details of your academic accomplishments, grade point average (GPA), details of your volunteer activities, extracurricular activities, community service, and the last date of submitting the recommendation letter. 

Request your recommenders mention your various achievements 

When you need to give two letters, make sure you get teachers or employers to write about your diverse attainments, which may be varied aspects of your rewards and recognitions, academic talent, and expertise in a special field. For instance, the first letter can mention details about your research abilities and the other one to mention your academic accomplishments. You can look up My PA's article to get an idea of recommendation letter content. 

Highlight your progress and improvements with time

When it comes to the admission officials, they are knowledgeable and go through numerous applications, and therefore, a recommendation that only appreciates you will seem impractical to the officers. That is the reason why your recommender should mention how you improved and progressed with time in the letter. 

When you started attending your Bachelor’s course, you were not that good at debate, but over the years, you became more assertive in debates with an optimistic attitude. 

The tone should sound interesting and not monotonous 

Though a letter of recommendation is a formal document, it does mean the content will sound too dreary or monotonous. Admission officers like letters that are formal yet personalized. Therefore, a good recommendation letter must talk about you and stay away from clichés used for speaking about any other student. 

Your recommenders should include examples of your achievements

There is no point in writing a recommendation letter that lists all your skills but with no examples to prove them. The examples should be about how you faced a challenging situation or solved a difficult problem using your knowledge and skills. 

If you have research skills, the recommendation letter must include a proper example of a research project you worked on, of late. 


Now that you know what to include in a recommendation letter, ask your recommender to include all relevant information. Once you get admission, thank the recommender.

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