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There are so many new and exciting gadgets out today, to use for your phones. From cases and plugs and so much more. There are some really exciting things to try out. Syncwire makes some really great products, and I have some to tell you about.

Are you looking for something that you can hold your phone with, I have the perfect gadget just for that. Syncwire Magnetic Phone Ring Holder is perfect for, those of us who love to take pictures. I use it all the time to hold my phone and take pictures. The magnetic phone ring grip is also compatible with non-magnetic phones and standard phone cases with thin metal rings (provided) on their backs Magnet is nice and strong and stays secure. 

This versatile phone ring holder allows you to go hands-free while riding in crowded buses or subways. It can also be placed on your office desk, kitchen counter, or table for watching movies, listening to music, applying makeup, and making video calls.

For me having a good phone charger is the best, and we need one for the car, recently I found the perfect one Syncwire USB C Car Charger I am able to charge both my tablet and phone while others are driving.  I wanted something that would turn off the charger when I didn't need it to charge my phone. I was tired of constantly unplugging it. This solved the need and then some.

Syncwire car charger with a unique on/off switch, specifically designed to allow you to control the power flow, preventing any unnecessary discharge and conserving the battery's energy when the car is idle. I love the built-in coiled cable for USB C. It keeps me from having to purchase yet another cable, is long enough to suit my needs, and since it is coiled it does not get in the way. There are two additional USB A ports that any type of cable can be plugged into.

For those of us who love to be on the phone, we know its the law not to be o while driving. Newer cars have Bluetooth where you just hook your phone to it, and you are hands-free. Older cars do not so how can we fix that, with the Syncwire Bluetooth 5.3 FM Transmitter Car Adapter, perfect for older cars and it works great.

Indulge in a delightful driving experience with our trendy rainbow light design. Immerse yourself in fun while having the convenience of easily turning off the light by double pressing the red “B” button when not needed. This transmitter is much more sleek than the bulky old models that used to be available! It functions very easily and is crystal clear. Would highly recommend it!

It comes with 2 USB ports(PD 36W and USB A 12W), and can charge two devices simultaneously. Built-in over-current protection, over-voltage protection, intelligent temperature control, and short circuit protection, it will effectively ensure safe charging. That is the best part for me, I am able to charge my phone and my husband at the same time, while we are driving.

For all your phone needs head over to Syncwire and see all their products for yourself.

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